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English numbers to mon numbers

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English numbers to mon numbers

noicon Hi, when I write Mon dictionary articles in many languages I understand, I find annoying English numbers, I would like to request that these be change into Mon numbers. This is because when I was writing a modern Mon dictionary article for the Mon language, the mix of Mon and English could be a learning mistake for people studying the dictionary, so request to change English numbers from Mon numbers.

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noicon In 2016, Mon, Pali, English, Burmese, Thai, Japanese I myself have published a dictionary of 6 languages, I am still the only one who writes multiple dictionaries for Mon Wiktionary, I love Mon Wiktionary because Mon Wiktionary is a dictionary for learning Mon vocabulary for modern youth and many people, thanks.

This is definitely NOT a problem of translation on

Numbering format for ordered lists is not handled directly by this wiki, but is part of MediaWiki. In fact Mediawiki just uses standard HTML5 to generate list items; HTML5 is then rendering list items based on CSS properties, depending on the "list-style-type:decimal" (see, or

The decimal type should work for most scripts having decimal digits, but the browser must have support for decimal number types in each relevant script, and the page must be properly marked with the appropriate language tag to decide how to render decimal numbers.

The problem you have for Mon (ISO 639 codes : [mnw] for Modern Mon, [omx] for Old Mon) is that this language is not natively recognized by browsers to use the traditional digits of the Burmese/Myanmar script (ISO 15924 code: Mymr) that you want for the Mon language. In addition, the Myanmar/Burmese language uses the Burmese/Myanmar script, but it does not take its own traditional decimal digits by default. As well there are some Mon variants used in Thailand (or that were used in the south of the old Mon kingdom when that part also spoke Old Mon but are now found in epigraphic relics in Thailand, later reproduced there by the local Mon minority) and written now with the Thai script (plus, most Mon people are now monolingual in Burmese or Thai languages only, with only minor knowledge of their Mon language, but some of them are attempting to revive the modern Mon language with lot of difficulties; and they are using modern digits). all modern Monic minorities speak variants that are mostly intelligible with each other, even if they are written in different scripts, and for practical reason, they do not use the Burmese digits (which are modern creations coming from North Burma before the Mon majority were overwhelmed by Burmese/myanmarese in "South Burma" people or by Thai). Burmese digits or Thai digits or Latin digits are all foreign to Mon speakers, even if today's Burma/Myanmar got their "native" script from Mon (but Burmese also have used various other scripts as well in the past). So the choice of decimal digits to use for Modern Mon language is not clear...

So you need to explicitly use the "list-style-type:myanmar".

This can be done on the default CSS stylesheet for the Mon wiki; or by using an HTML container specifying this style. (note that ordered lists in Mediawiki markup don't use any tag, only "#" at start of lines for each numbered item; and MediaWiki autogenerates the "ul" container element and the "li" element for each item of the list, so you cannot style these elements directly, unless you use plain HTML tags and not the simpler MediaWiki syntax). Mediawiki for now does not suppport any way to add custom attributes (such as style="", id="", or start="") on list items or on its autogenerated "ol", "ul" or "dl" container ("ol" for ordered lists using numbered items, or "ul" in unordered lists using bulletted items, or "dl" for definition list using definition terms and indented definition text) written with the wiki syntax (even though it is possible for tables, table captions, table cells and table rows).

The alternative is to use some custom javascript to replace basic decimal digits from ASCII by decimal digits you want But in Wiktionnary you could define a template to generate "ol"/"li" HTML tags for ordered lists, with the appriopriate style.

Note that "list-style-type:myanmar" in CSS styles will work on modern browsers only, not all webbrowsers..

Verdy p (talk)12:39, 5 January 2022

I can understand up to eight kinds in Mon language, I am currently working on a lot of Mon language.

  • You can watch the video of the consonant script that is currently used by the Mon people.
  • File:Consonants mnw.webm
  • At this link you can learn the alphabet and arithmetic commonly used by the Mon people today.
  • If you want to learn Old Mon script and Mon Thaiมอญไทย script or ไทยรามัญThai Raman, you can learn at this link, I wrote a little bit in that link, Mon Thai script can be understood by Mon people in Burma but there is no font yet.
  • You can see the Mon Thai script photo here.
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I am also a music writer and interested in learning many languages, I also have a passion for upgrading languages that are lacking in modernity, thanks.



I actually started doing this already, but I made a mistake along the way, and it wasn't deployed. I'll fix it soon.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)13:42, 5 January 2022

Thank you very much sir, I wish you a happy new year.