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Who is this user, and why he opens account which is IP address? See Special:Log/newusers.

Zoranzoki21 (talk)12:41, 20 October 2019

That IPv6 is "mine", very strange because I'm logged in here.

If you look for it, you'll see that it belongs to the IPv6 space allocated by for its fiber accesses (the IPv6 translates algorithmically into a regional location and default IPv4 address, normally, but this does not apply to me because my IPv4 (which is not shared by 4 users like it is by default in, which uses NAT by assigning them 4 distinct ranges of 13684 port numbers for TCP and UDP, instead of the classic 65536 port numbers) was allocated to another space where I have a dedicated IPv4 address not passing through NAT.

This is visibly a bug of the "TranslateUserManager" bot, loosing some data about user sessions when we are connected via IPv6, or when some subrequests are coming with different address. Or may be there's a bug in this wiki in its antispam systems, which incorrectly assume that an IPV4 cannot be used simultaneously by two unrelated users. Anyway this is also a privacy bug that should be signaled (it does not conform to Wikimedia policies), and fails to map the related IPv4 and IPv6. I can't explain why this happens, but sessions are incorrectly managed by the frontends of this wiki.

This may be related to recent bugs in this wiki, with failure in its front end caches, also loosing sessions, mixing queries, corrupting the frontend caches with unrelated translations, and not returning the expected data and making incorrect logs for user accounts that it could not get.

I've never opened any such account and in fact the log is wrong as there was no account created at all. All this comes from an internal bot on this wiki.

This bug is visible since last August 15. I never had my IP "logged" like this even if I used this wiki before and did not change my ISP settings or subscription and was active even before.

Verdy p (talk)21:17, 20 October 2019

Everyone sees their own ip. The users in those log entries no longer exist and those log entries should not be there.

Nike (talk)08:19, 21 October 2019

What do you mean ? We don't see the same things in logs ? How can you be certain we have the right to see "deleted" log entries? Just because at one time we are using the same IP ? Anyway I do see all these log entries (about 4-5 listed each day since August 15, not any one before, but I see them in the log just since a few day; I many have not noticed that before). So you say that these log entries "no longer exist", but then why do I see them ? Was there a bug that caused IP accounts being created for logged in users, then immediately deleted after logon, but recreated later and repeatedly ? This is clearly a bug: there should not be any account creation before we submit an actual edit (just reading the wiki or logging in should log nothing, or you have a serious privacy issue for RGPD).

Verdy p (talk)23:01, 21 October 2019

@Verdy p: The IP address I see is the one I'm using. It's not an IPv6 address. I agree it's a bug, and should be fixed, but there is no privacy breach when everyone sees their own IP address.

Jon Harald Søby (talk)08:23, 23 October 2019

I thought that everyone saw my IPv6 address in this page, which then does not doisplay the same thing for everyone. Anyway these entries are spurious, It reveals that there are effectively lot of logs being made for non-sense account creations by a bot, which then gets rapidly reverted. I suspect this occurs each time we connect on the site. But in fact I tried to disconnect and waited for some minutes before revisiting once, then wait for other minutes, and come back later to login: 3 actions are logged. Any visitor from any IP may have an IP account instantly created, and logged, even if that accoutn is not used at all for any write action, jsut simply visiting. This means that this site is easily attackable: you can have lot of logs filling your disks and the database, and the site won't resist at all. This may explain why the site is sometimes SOOO long to refresh itself and has many antique statuses that can take sometimes days to be reflected.

Verdy p (talk)16:20, 28 October 2019