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I guessed that your problem is with the 'user page' tab at the top of a user page. So I went to a user page on and typed ?uselang=qqx at the end of the URL in the address bar. This converts the interface into message names or keys. So I found out that the first tab is called 'nstab-user'. Then I went to the 'system messages' listing on pa wp and used my browser search function to find 'nstab-user'. You will see that the message in light blue has been customised, compared to the default message, in light pink, from So then you need to ask an administrator at pa wp to delete the message and the default will appear in its place. See FAQ#How_to_spot_message_keys? also.

An administrator can also review the system messages listing for other messages that are different on pa wp to, and delete or amend the ones on pa wp that need to be changed.

Lloffiwr (talk)18:29, 19 October 2013

I think the problem is somewhere else. Actually the problem is not with the user tab but with the word user in other places for ex. User:Satdeep Gill on Give it a try. Open and then open any user page. the spellings of user on user tab are correct but not in front of user:* .

Satdeep gill (talk)01:09, 20 October 2013

Is the problem in the namespace names? See this list in Special:AdvancedTranslate (see FAQ for infomation on Special:AdvancedTranslate.

Lloffiwr (talk)11:09, 20 October 2013

actually the problem is with the namespace names but there are correct spellings on translatewiki but are not shown correctly in

Satdeep gill (talk)13:17, 20 October 2013

Right now i tried to change a few things but the changes are not shown in

Satdeep gill (talk)13:20, 20 October 2013

When did you edit Special:AdvancedTranslate? Any changes to Special:AdvancedTranslate have to be reviewed by a developer before being exported, which can take a few weeks. After the changes are exported to Mediawiki, it also takes a while before the Wikimedia wiki software is updated.

Lloffiwr (talk)13:26, 20 October 2013

Have the changes made been discussed at pa wikipedia? (See this discussion.

Lloffiwr (talk)13:41, 20 October 2013

But when i opened it for the first time then it had the correct spellings but not on I tried changing it today and saw no effect. Now i changed it back to what it was. We had the discussion about the correct spellings months ago.

Satdeep gill (talk)15:00, 20 October 2013
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You appear to have edited the pa namespace page directly - [1]. That will have no effect - you must edit using the Special:AdvancedTranslate tool. Please read the FAQ as noted above.

Lloffiwr (talk)16:06, 20 October 2013

I see that Siebrand has posted a message about the namespace names for pa on the portal talk page. Please respond to his post there to get this resolved.

A link to the discussion on pa wikipedia will help.

For future reference I would recommend that you put some notes and links to discussions on namespace names, magic words, special page aliases, plural, grammar, etc on the pa portal, or a sub-page of the portal. Future translators will then also have access to the translation methods and history for Punjabi. Some other languages have got sub-pages of translation notes on their portals.

Lloffiwr (talk)16:18, 20 October 2013

Thanks a lot now i will start a discussion and do this as soon as possible.

Satdeep gill (talk)02:05, 21 October 2013