irc help requested "Cannot send to nick/channel"

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irc help requested "Cannot send to nick/channel"

Requesting help from

Status #mediawiki-i18nX
#mediawiki-i18n: channel | Software internationalization for open source projects | No public   logging
[12:29] == Wladek92 [5544512a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.XX.XX.XX.XX] has joined #mediawiki-i18n
[12:29] <Wladek92> hello all
[12:29] == Cannot send to nick/channel: #mediawiki-i18n
[12:29] <Wladek92> anyone ?
[12:29] == Cannot send to nick/channel: #mediawiki-i18n
Chat is dead ? or is there a channel problem ? .... nobody answers on IRC.
ChristianW (talk)11:39, 28 November 2018

As the error message "Cannot send to nick/channel: #mediawiki-i18n" hints, your message was not sent to the channel or channel users, I don't see it. Probably some kind of antispam measure from freenode. Try an IRC client like HexChat.

Nemo (talk)11:46, 28 November 2018
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strange because the connexion to the channel is accepted; so how can we be made "identified users" instead ?

= End of /MOTD command.
[12:29] == Usermode change: +i
[12:29] == gateway/web/freenode/ip.XX.XX.XX.XX is now your hidden host (set by syn.)
[12:29] -freenode-connect- Due to the persistent ongoing spam, all new connections are being set +R ('''block messages from unidentified users''') and will be scanned for vulnerabilities. This will not harm your computer, and vulnerable hosts will be notified.
[12:29] freenode-connect [frigg@freenode/utility-bot/frigg] requested CTCP VERSION from Wladek92:
[12:33] == Wladek92 is connecting from *@gateway/web/freenode/session XX.XX.XX.XX

--> If a channel is set to mode +r, you won't be able to join it unless you are registered <--
ChristianW (talk)12:11, 28 November 2018

Unfortunately due to large amounts of spam, keeping it all open was not possible.

Nike (talk)11:34, 30 November 2018

... so no possible usage of IRC ( as recommended in "See also the FAQ or try to catch us in IRC." for the time being.

ChristianW (talk)20:28, 30 November 2018