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I frequently see Fuzzybot reimporting translations (overwriting fixes made here), instead of jsut importing changes in the English source, and marking translations as fuzzy (without changing them). This discards all fixes made here, because these reimported old unfixed translations will overwrite the correct fixes that were imported correctly in other wikis. Fuzzybot does a very bad job by not even mentioning what is this "external source", meaning that this external source cannot even be corrected. In all cases, all these are made without any discussion, or any relevant link to that discussion that never occurs in this wiki, and so nobody knows who controls them and where. Fuzzybot should be shutdown, forbidden to overwrite translations (except for creating new fuzzy ones) and only allowed to import sources (generally in English).

Verdy p (talk)11:54, 24 September 2019

I agree. FuzzyBot is doing more harm than good. Example: It's introducing typos, dropping diacriticals, and even reverting French to English.

Urhixidur (talk)16:37, 6 March 2020

I also agree that Fuzzybot does a bad job. And giving the reason "Updating translation from external source" is really bad when it does not indicate which source was used and no indication of who initiated this import and from which wiki/site.

That bot must be moderated more strictly and must be fixed so that we kwno who we can contact. Ideally, it should also only work for importing into languages/projects for which it indicates the correct authorization ID for that project/.language(that can be changed if needed, so that it will be blocked as long it is not updated and then passes a test to get a new valid authorization ID). If there's no authorization ID, but only the user authentication ID (for "user:Fuzzybot" only on this wiki), then that bot should request a new bot user id to work with specific projects where it will be authorized or blocked selectively.

But this wiki grants it the same usage rights on this wiki, for all the projects supported by this wiki. This is bad, because all these projects have distinct policies, distinct terminologies, sometimes as well specific tunings that do not follow the generic MediaWiki scheme (also because these projects don't use the same version of MediaWiki, or don't all have the same perserhooks and extensions deployed).

One Fuzzybot doing everything with the same rights on this wiki is just bad.

Verdy p (talk)05:48, 26 June 2020