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Translation administrator

Hello.Please make me translation administrator for a day for testing.Thank you

ديفيد (talk)10:37, 20 January 2018

Sorry, as a normal bureaucrat, I can't give you translation administrator rights. Please contact a staff member.

\m/etalhead 11:42, 20 January 2018

Testing what?

Nemo (talk)21:09, 20 January 2018

Maybe he want only to test interface.

Zoranzoki21 (talk)22:38, 20 January 2018

I want to try using the right

ديفيد (talk)06:55, 21 January 2018

I want also to be translation administrator but nothing of that :P It isn't falling of the sky, and you can't get it easy :D

-Александар Живковић ()20:11, 21 January 2018

I want it temporarily for testing

ديفيد (talk)07:22, 22 January 2018