Discussion on your edits

Discussion on your edits

Hello! Thank you for your contributions on messages in need of updates.

A fellow translator, ToprakM, has opened a discussion at Thread:User talk:Amire80/Vandalism. It seems that, while updating existing translations, you made changes which were not perceived as an improvement. Please answer their questions here on your talk page, so that there's no need for the admins to act. As a Turkish speaker it's probably easier for you than for me to find out which changes were controversial.

I suggest to revert the controversial changes, even if you think they are good, and to open a discussion at portal talk:tr (in Turkish) to find consensus on the style or grammar to use and so on.

Nemo (talk)09:45, 28 May 2022

I see the reason why. I was trying to make this clear for the translations, but it seems chaos right now. They can freely change it in my edits. Sometimes I saw the lack of translations or incorrect structure, which was a bit messy. Sorry for any inconvenience what I actually did.

SaldırganSincap (talk)20:19, 28 May 2022