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ContentTranslation009:40, 9 June 2015
السلام و علیکم322:40, 11 February 2010
Glad to have you!217:08, 28 January 2010



Can you please help complete the translation of the ContentTranslation extension? It is being deployed to the Urdu Wikipedia this week, and it would be great to have it fully transalated.

Thank you very much!

09:40, 9 June 2015

السلام و علیکم

AOA Mehboob Alam Sb. Happy to see you here, am sure you'd be fine. I had added a discussion at Urdu Wikipedia (Diwan - e - Aam) regarding Mobile version of Urdu Wikipedia, just like one we are having for English and many other wikipedias. A version of English Mobile Wikipedia can be viewed here, [1] (View in Mozilla Firefox, if you are not using Internet at mobile) For Mobile version of Urdu Wikipedia, if you direct your browser to, it says that currently this language is not supported. Translation is required to be done before we can use it. I have registered an account here for purpose and found you. Only 25 Message will have to be translated, kindly if you can help me that how can I start translating those, actually it says that I am not permitted to translate. I might need some additional steps to complete, how can they be done?

Thanks, Omer

22:15, 11 February 2010

you need translation rights for that purpose.. you have to request for translation rights.. to gain those visit this page: First Steps.. however, if the messages are that less in number that are used on mobile interface i can translate them in one day.. leme check them out.. you hang on for a day there dear.. i'l comeback to you soon with a positive.. thanx

22:27, 11 February 2010

WoW, you are quick in response :) I have placed a request for rights, out there. You can check the mobile project here. I am here now to contribute, I didn't knew of these pages earlier, kindly if you can do that for now, as my request might take some time before it is approved. However, ever you need my services here at translate wiki, just leave a message at my Urdu wikipedia userpage, here.

Thanks, Omer--O.bangash 22:35, 11 February 2010 (UTC)

22:35, 11 February 2010

always at ur service bro.. i'v started translating mobile interface.. all the message will be translated by tomorrow INSHALLAH..

22:40, 11 February 2010

Glad to have you!

Hi! It's great to see you translating again. Urdu really needs the help. As the Urdu localisation of MediaWiki is still very poor, please have a look at the rRecommended process for translating MediaWiki. It is important to translate first what is used most often. Of course, feel free to translate whatever you like, this is just a recommendation. Every translation is valuable to us. Have fun, and please let us know on support if you have any questions.

23:43, 27 January 2010

Thanks for your guidence.

There is a serious problem in interface which has to be resolved.. by selecting "If your language preference is set to an RTL language (right-to-left languages like Arabic, ...), use this to support the actual right-to-left interface." option in preferences changes the direction of menus etc. but it doesn't changes text direction on pages, the text still appears from left-to-right on pages and user finds it difficult to read the text in right-to-left languages..

I hope you understand what I am trying to point out.. & I hope you will guide me in this regard.. thanks again!

15:30, 28 January 2010

Please do not try to double post. Generic language issues should be posted to Support, which is where I moved the topic you posted on my talk page. I am personally not able to get that issue resolved, but usually there will be some user able and capable to look into it.

17:08, 28 January 2010