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Hi Venkat. Welcome to!

You can now start translating.

You should also check the portal for your language, the link is in the sidebar. Other useful pages are linked in the menu next to this message.

Your translations are transferred to the standard product every few days or every few weeks, depending on the product. Please notice that it may take longer before you see your translation in the actual product.

We wish you a productive and pleasant stay. Please leave any questions on Support (the link is also available on any page, in the navigation sidebar). Cheers!

-- 16:06, 24 August 2011 (UTC)


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స్వాగతం!118:22, 27 August 2011


హలో వెంకట్ గారూ,

ట్రాన్స్‌లేట్‌వికీకి స్వాగతం! నేను కొన్ని మిఫోస్ అనువాదాలపై పనిచేసాను. వాటిలో సందేహాలున్నా లేదా అనువాదాలలో సంఘర్షణలు ఉన్నా నన్ను సంప్రదించడానికి వెనుకాడకండి.

Veeven14:40, 26 August 2011

Hello brother,

Naku telugu ne antha baga radue kani I know how to use tools and get the work done .. I am using short cuts like downloading the file using editor and using some friends help and take google translation for faster etc.. So by the way how do you do and how come you choose to contribute to it .. Actually I will be now using this software for my client so I have to do it .. any way I will update you if I require your help .. please drop your email id.

avshyd18:22, 27 August 2011