How to replace wrongly translated spelling of a word appearing in language list for language code anp

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Have you already searched the word in Special:SearchTranslations?

Nemo (talk)07:43, 1 November 2017

Yes, I have searched the word, अङ्गिका and the same was not found in search results.

You may be interested in viewing the previous activities for the same issue;–_anp#x.7B.7BLanguageHeader.7Canp.7D.7D_6810

Angpradesh (talk)10:24, 1 November 2017

Can you specify which language list are you talking about?

Nike (talk)12:03, 1 November 2017

Everywhere in Default Language Lists of Suggested Languages on, MediaWiki, Wikipedia Incubator and all other sister projects of Angika (anp) in Incubator.

Angpradesh (talk)20:50, 1 November 2017

As FAQ#Language_names stated, this should be fixed at CLDR.

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)14:38, 27 January 2018

@Liuxinyu970226 Please do the needful. Thanks for the help.

Angpradesh (talk)14:56, 9 January 2022