Magic Word "NOSEP"

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Magic Word "NOSEP"

What is mean Magic Word "NOSEP"?

아라다 알아 (talk)04:48, 27 March 2013

This is the parser test that is in MediaWiki core for it:

!! test
Check noCommafy in formatNum
!! options
!! input
!! result
<p>123 456,78
!! end
Siebrand10:23, 27 March 2013

Makes one think of "no separators", but if it's both decimal and thousands separators this would mean not changing nothing, as in that test example. In fact it's not documented...

Nemo (talk)21:25, 29 March 2013

It is in fact no-op for many languages, but not for those who use different digits.

Nike (talk)10:42, 30 March 2013