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Has bxr ever been enabled? I don't even see a file for it in languages/messages/ , and its completion is at 6 % for core.

Nemo (talk)22:02, 28 March 2013

Ehh... right. I didn't even bother to check that. How silly of me to assume that if a language has a Wikipedia, then it will also have a messages file :)

Soul Train - you should get the Buryat translators to translate the "MediaWiki (most used)" group so it will be enabled properly.

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)22:27, 28 March 2013

There were some translators - users Bjargal - very good native speaker and not very good (he is child at the moment), but also Buryat descent user Губин Михаил. First is a current (but unfortunately, inactive) bxr.wikipedia Administrator (username is Jargal), second one was an administrator for a few months. I think that all Bjargal the translations could be adopted and transferred to the bxr.wikipedia. First of all, Name-spaces.

Soul Train (talk)08:34, 1 April 2013

The translations will all be exported ("adopted and transferred") to the bxr.wikipedia, the question is only when they will. I've asked a question on the general rule at Thread:Support/Enable_export_for_all_supported_languages_with_an_open_Wikipedia; it's holiday so answer may be delayed for a few days.

Nemo (talk)08:46, 1 April 2013

OK, thanks. I also send the message here: https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46751

Soul Train (talk)06:39, 2 April 2013