Bug with Italian Apertium suggestions

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Bug with Italian Apertium suggestions

There's a bug that really often sorts out the Italian word "partorisca" (subjunctive tense of the verb we use for "giving birth", technical), always without a real reason to do it. I can't retrieve what it is connected to, it seems to come out mostly for "per" (for), but not only. I don't know where in the process it was inserted, but it seems it was (perhaps for trolling purposes since the effect is quite ennoying).

g (talk)13:35, 1 October 2018

Do you know which source language it is coming from?

Nike (talk)13:44, 1 October 2018

I'm translating from English to Italian, I presume it should be an Italian dictionary; I've seen, indeed, that there is some interference with Spanish (upside down beginning question marks - not used in Italian); but it should be an Italian tool...

PS: decidedly it's an Italian tool derived from a Spanish one:

English Apertium suggestion
You can have more than one reading list so that you categorize the pages in your list. Partorisca categorizar le pagine, puoi creare più di un elenco.
"categorizar" is Spanish - "Partorisca" has nothing to do with the text
g (talk)14:30, 1 October 2018

I assume is no English to Italian support in Apertium, so it is likely that it is showing a translation from some other language like Spanish.

Nike (talk)14:43, 1 October 2018

well, if it's so, it's nice to see that the result is fairly sufficient - apart from this invasion of childbirths... :-)

Do you think we should need to tell them something or it would be useless until they set up an Italian tool?

g (talk)14:57, 1 October 2018

You can check what's inside the current Apertium pair to see where the word comes from: http://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/Contributing_to_an_existing_pair

Nemo (talk)07:47, 29 October 2018