Miraheze website: nl-informal does not fall back to nl

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Miraheze website: nl-informal does not fall back to nl

After completing the Dutch translation to Miraheze in nl (Dutch) I created an nl-informal version. According to the instructions at Portal:nl, I've only translated the messages that differ from nl into nl-informal. However, the nl-informal version of the website appears to fall back to English instead.

McDutchie (talk)09:43, 24 August 2021

This is something to request to Mediawiki maintainers:

  • there's a part inside Mediawiki internal data (in PHP, for the MediaWiki UI itself, but partly exposed to Lua with the list of fallbacks for a given language), this has a global effects on all wikis (based on MediaWiki, not other wikis or delopment languages or apps using other I18N mechanisms: here on this wiki we support other apps as well, not just Mediawiki, and they have their own requirements or capabilities).
  • there's also a part in the various "fallback" modules used in several wikis (for modules and templates using it, using this Mediawiki list of fallbacks or adding their own, e.g. Wikimedia Commons has many additional fallbacks, and some wikis in specific languages deviate from the general list made for multilingual wikis, due to local decisions made by their local community, or for legacy reasons such as a long maintenance period where compatuiblity is desired until the rest of the content is fixed or the page layout and formatting is adapted in various templates).
  • finally various templates themselves will need to be fixed (changing fallbacks can have unexpected effects, whose reolution is not immediate and takes time).
  • In all cases, this requires may changes in many sites, so you should initiate talsk on the language portal to document works in progress and what remains to be done or accepted, and probably you should inform other wikis to point to the portal talk page or documentation pages (there are tons of external wikis, we can't be aware of what is discussed externally in many sites at various pages or in external talk/mail channels that don't properly track their talks and past decisions for other people that were not in contact and not monitoring them before, or talking only in other languages that concernend people would not even understand easily or would not find even when they reasonably search for them in the most evident places: posting a simple link and a summary line is generally enough, but it is important to not forget it for every "decision", and to keep visible archives of these external talks because many people wont remember every detail).
Verdy p (talk)13:45, 14 November 2021
Nike (talk)09:32, 16 November 2021

Upstream marked as resolved. Do check if it works now.

Nike (talk)13:15, 22 November 2021