[[OSM:Notifier.signup confirm html.user wiki page/en]]

Notifier.signup confirm html.user wiki page

This message and its translations generate a series of bogus categories on translatewiki.net, see translations and category list.

Is it permissible to use some sort of NOWIKI syntax in the messages so as to avoid bogus categories? If not so, any better ideas?

Purodha Blissenbach (talk)19:08, 18 September 2012

No. It should not create any categories.

Nike (talk)21:12, 18 September 2012

Will move the relevant code from page translation to affect all messages.

Nike (talk)21:14, 18 September 2012
Nike (talk)15:51, 21 November 2012

Code was merged, but category on for example Osm:Notifier.signup_confirm_html.user_wiki_page/nl still exists, also after a dummy edit. How should we get rid of these entries?

Edit: It looks like this code doesn't actually work. I deleted the page, and put it back to test, and the category is there (again).

Siebrand21:11, 4 December 2012
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 12:57, 24 December 2012

If you actually open the category, you can see that it has no members. The hook does not prevent displaying the category information on page preview/after save. Perhaps setting content model to text for translations would do that too.

Nike (talk)12:35, 24 December 2012

We could do that, but it would mean not parsing any wikitext, right? It seems excessive, the bug is fixed and some difference between the parsing here on TWN and in the target destination of the message is unavoidable.

Nemo (talk)18:40, 6 May 2013

Okay, This patch is not worked (or i don't understand this...).

Following messages is translations, and they create category links (I found them through Special:WantedCategories)...

Also I seen that some these obsoleted messages is excluded from translations (as I understood it), and they are again clog the Special:WantedCategories. These:

I are fixed code for many of these, but maybe need to purge these messages?

Maybe also these old pages also may be removed?

Kaganer (talk)17:29, 14 August 2014

I'd say you did not fix the code, you broke it. The OSM messages are not wikitext, and you cannot "fix" them by applying wikitext syntax. Osm:Notifier.signup confirm html.user wiki page is a HTML-formatted message which should display a piece of wikitext code the user could copy&paste to his/her new wiki userpage. By replacing the categorization wikitext with a colon-delimited link, you broke the message completely. I reverted your changes to the cs translations.

Mormegil (talk)19:07, 16 August 2014

Thank you for your comment, I was afraid of this effect. But please check - _these_ really working messages, or is it outdated? Please compare in edit mode Osm:Notifier.signup_confirm_html.user_wiki_page/cs and Osm:Activerecord.models.acl/cs, as example. Only second message has interface elements of the translate system. I would never spoil the working messages!

Kaganer (talk)18:53, 17 August 2014

Not sure what you mean by that Activerecord.models.acl reference, I don’t see anything interesting there.

However, you might be right that the Osm:Notifier.signup_confirm_html.user_wiki_page message is no longer used in production OSM, the current welcome message does not include it, and I don’t think it could appear somewhere else, but I can’t be sure. If the message is indeed no longer used, it could/should probably be removed from the OSM source code altogether.

Mormegil (talk)13:56, 18 August 2014