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Hi Dark Eagle. Welcome to translatewiki.net!

You can now start translating.

You should also check the portal for your language, the link is in the sidebar. Other useful pages are linked in the menu next to this message.

Your translations are transferred to the standard product every few days or every few weeks, depending on the product. Please notice that it may take longer before you see your translation in the actual product.

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Getting all MediaWiki core messages for Latvian translated

Hi Dark Eagle. I have written this message to you and three other recently active Latvian translators. I was surprised checking from activity on Latvian and seeing 4 active translators, with a relatively poor localisation level for Latvian (61% of MediaWiki core translated - 919 untranslated). I was wondering if you wouldn't mind my giving you guys a little wake up call and trying to get you guys to get going and complete that little work in front of you. Divided over the four of you, putting in three hours each should get the job done. I hope that you will be able to put that time in soon. Thank you for your efforts! Untranslated MediaWiki core messages for Latvian. Cheers! Siebrand 13:05, 7 October 2009 (UTC)


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Можно ли попросить у вас доделать перевод расширения ContentTranslation на латышский и латгалький языки?

Это расширение, которое помогает переводить статьи Википедии, и мы бы хотели включить его в ближайшее время в википедиях на этих языках.

Заранее благодарю!

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)15:18, 14 May 2015

Hi. You are working in a language code that is not in the ISO 639-3 code table[1]. Please clarify.

Siebrand12:12, 4 January 2010

Hi. I know that, but there're request to get that code.

So, if we will not get it, I will rename it in bat-ltg

Dark Eagle12:22, 4 January 2010

Neither of these codes are supported here. I cannot imagine that the language committee declared "bat-ltg" as an eligible code. Please refer to the meta discussion on this issue so I can have this sorted out. Until then, please do not generate any content here in either of the non-existing codes. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we have a policy to only support language codes that are supported by ISO. Those language codes that are supported here, but not in ISO are supported because of unfortunate historical reasons, and no more exceptions will be made.

Siebrand12:50, 4 January 2010

Ok, I understand. but about code bat-ltg, in wikimedia are one code: bat-smg - Samogotian, which is supported

Dark Eagle12:58, 4 January 2010

The ltg code for Latgalian is likely to be recognised in the near future ... think months not quarters ... Given that this is the case it is relatively safe to allow for the ltg code. What can be done is wait with production until this is officially published. Thanks,

GerardM13:13, 4 January 2010

OK, that sounds sane. Dark Eagle, please be aware that if you go through with this, we will (a) not add ltg to MediaWiki proper before ISO gives out the language code (b) if ISO does not give out the language code, support for the code will be withdrawn, (c) for now you are only allowed to work on MediaWiki core (message group "core") in here for code 'ltg'. Of course, feel free to work on anything else for the languages that are recognised by ISO that you are proficient in.

OK? If so, please provide me with an autonym for 'ltg' (the name of the language in the language itself). I assume it has to fall back to Latvian ('lv'). If otherwise, also please let me know.

Siebrand13:45, 4 January 2010