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Gothic translation

Hello, I heard that I cannot translate to gothic anymore from this side? If yes why, and if no how does it work really?? I want to contribute to that wikipedia. Thagka

Zylbath09:10, 22 August 2011

It's a dead language that really cannot have a user interface unless someone "invents" it. We are (or maybe I am) not interested in providing a platform for that type of frivolity. I'd rather see you contributing to a language that is alive and well, or create valuable content for a Wikimedia project.

Siebrand16:40, 22 August 2011

But there are wikipedias in old english and latin etc. I know of others that want to contribute at the gothic wikipedia from the gothic mailing list but they don't really know because of the bad condition of the main page and some other facts. Wikipedia could fulfill the function of documenting languages and their knowledge. And why can Gothic not have an user interface? What do you mean by that? I wouldn't waste my time with dealing with nonrelevant languages (btw. I am working also intensivly on the Low German WikiProducts), I would contribute to protect an old language. So, the wikipedia still exists, but there is no way to contribute on the translation of the gothic wikipedia side??

Zylbath18:10, 22 August 2011

Correct. Best contribute to the content, not to the UI, because no one is able to use it anyway. Use the interface in your native language...

Siebrand23:24, 22 August 2011

But of corse people are able to use the interface in gothic. You shouldn't project from yourself on others. Also the latin or old english wikipedias have their own interface. Me and the other ones who want to contribute know Gothic that well that they are able to understand such things. You can't close that function just because you think it would be to difficult.

Zylbath06:32, 23 August 2011


Please go back and change all instances of innung into innoþ.

Wōdenhelm13:31, 19 August 2010

Hi. A little over a week ago you requested translator rights on translatewiki.net. Unfortunately you have not yet made any contributions there. Maybe you forgot, or maybe you ran into a problem. Please let us know about issues on our support page. In any case, we are very much looking forward to your contributions!

Siebrand15:38, 3 February 2010

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