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Translation administrators (list of members) can submit pages prepared for translations on this website. This right is granted by Administrators (list of members) only to existing experienced translators.

Pages submitted to translations should be first checked, and translation admins should make some efforts in trying to translate each submitted page into at least one language to test their translatability in the user interface. They should also try to place untranslatable parts of messages in placeholder variables, and should avoid creating "patchwork messages" that assume some syntax or word order valid only in one language. They should be aware of various linguistic needs for grammar, numbers, capitalization, punctuation, and linguistic styles. They should also attempt to prepare pages with consistant terminology and minimize the work needed for translators, so they can be benefit of the builtin translation memory, using short translation units as much as possible, and hiding HTML/CSS details and tricky wiki syntax if possible.

This right can be taken away if the right is misused, for example by doing very bad preparations or breaking too many translations already performed by translators, or by not reviewing correctly the proposed edits in the source pages or working with abusers to let abusive contents be translated, or in case of edit warring between translation administrators and lack of cooperation with international translators, or when spamming translators by adding or removing an excessive number of source pages and restructuring them constantly.

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