Project:VisualEditor/2015 Translathon

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the VISUALEDITOR TRANSLATION SPRINT, online and at WIKIMANIA MEXICO CITY.

The translathon is now over. Thanks to all the participants! Your barnstars will be delivered ASAP. We also decided to give more prizes than announced. Congratulations to:

I'll contact you soon via email about receiving your prize. --Elitre (WMF) (talk) 19:54, 4 August 2015 (UTC)

Help translate interface message and documentation pages for VisualEditor into your language

Join the sprint

During Wikimania's week in July - Wednesday 15 to Sunday 19 included (CDT).
  1. Online! Not in Mexico City? It doesn't matter. You can participate wherever you are.
  2. In Workplace 1 - Don Américo on July 16th at 4:00 p.m (CDT) at the conference venue. Join the Wikimedia Foundation's Community Liaisons for VisualEditor if you need help getting started with translations or would just like to spend time with other fellow translators!
This is an invitation to start or improve translations for VisualEditor-related messages into your language.
Resources (work in progress)
Here is the list of the pages you can work on, ordered by priority (#1 = top priority):
  1. Interface messages on
  2. User guide on MediaWiki
  3. VE portal on MediaWiki
  4. Introduction to TemplateData
  5. Help about TemplateData
  6. VE FAQ
  7. VE as the main editor
  8. Special characters
  9. Citation tool
  10. Citoid/Enabling Citoid on your wiki
  1. Sign up in the Participants section below so that your contributions can be checked: you'll earn an "Interlingual Barnstar"! Top translators will also be mentioned in the next issue of the VisualEditor global newsletter, and the 3 most active ones may get a prize from the Wikimedia Store (a short-sleeve shirt, or other items for the same value). New translations (that is, those for messages available in the "Untranslated" tab of the translation program) and updated translations (those for messages available in the "Outdated" tab) will be counted.
  2. Click on any of the links above and start translating by clicking on the Translate to... dropdown link on the top right of the page. If you have created your account on recently, let us know: we may need to validate it.
  3. Please don't start early! Messages and pages are being updated and added and may change drastically before the translathon starts, and translations before then will not be counted towards the prize.  :)
Need help?


add language(s) you're translating to (in alphabetical order) and your name here! If you use a different username on and, please list both of them.
  1. Albanian - User:techlik
  2. Arabic - User:tarawneh
  3. Armenian - User:Vahe Gharakhanyan
  4. Assamese - Dibya Dutta (দিব্য দত্ত on
  5. Asturian - User:Xuacu
  6. Azerbaijani - User:Cekli829
  7. Bahasa Melayu - User:Karmadunya9- (karmadunya90 on
  8. Basque - User: Sator (User:Xabier Cañas on
  9. Belarusan (Taraškievica) - Renessaince
  10. Bengali - Aftabuzzaman, Hasive
  11. Brazilian Portuguese - User:Rodrigo Padula, User:TheEduGobi (Eduardogobi on & User:TheGabrielZaum (GSZaum on
  12. Breton - Ash Crow (talk)
  13. Catalan - User:F3RaN & User:Kippelboy & User:Arnaugir, User:Fitoschido
  14. Central Kurdish - Pirehelokan (talk) 20:13, 14 July 2015 (UTC)
  15. Doteli - User:Janak Bhatta, Ramesh Singh Bohara
  16. Dutch - Siebrand, Ad Huikeshoven
  17. Esperanto - Kvardek du desde Mexico
  18. Finnish - user:Stryn & User:McSalama
  19. French - User: Wladek92 & Ash Crow (talk) & Harmonia Amanda & hpetit
  20. Galician - User:Toliño
  21. Georgian - user:David1010
  22. German - Sebastian Wallroth (talk)
  23. Gujarati - Dhaval (ધવલ) (talk)
  24. Greek - User:Stam.nikos, Dead3y3 (talk)
  25. Hebrew - User: Gregra
  26. Hindi - User:Param Mudgal & User:Sid4translate, user:संजीव कुमार, user:आशीष भटनागर
  27. Hungarian - Kis Hajnalka
  28. Indonesian - User:Jadinegara, User:Kenrick95
  29. Italian - User:Fringio
  30. Japanese -- User:Takot - will be at Wikimania Mexico hackathon!
  31. Javanese - User:Jadinegara
  32. Kannada - User:pavanaja
  33. Lithuanian - User:Arturkozlov
  34. Luxembourgish -User:Robby
  35. Maithili - User:Tulsi Bhagat, User:बिप्लब आनन्द Bijay Chaurasia, User:njha61@ translatewiki
  36. Marathi - User:Sau6402 & User:Sid4translate
  37. Nepali - User:बिप्लब आनन्द, User:Tulsi Bhagat Bijay Chaurasia
  38. Norwegian bokmål - User:Kingu
  39. Oriya - User:Jnanaranjan Sahu (Jnanaranjan sahu on])
  40. Persian - user:MRG90, user:الناز, Darafsh
  41. Piemontèis - User:Dragonòt
  42. Polish - User:Notwist, Tar Lócesilion
  43. Portuguese - User:Vitorvicentevalente, User:MokaAkashiyaPT
  44. Punjabi - Satdeep Gill
  45. Ripuarian - Purodha Blissenbach (talk)
  46. Russian - User:Putnik
  47. Sakha - User:HalanTul
  48. Scots (for my sins) - User:Foxj
  49. Simplified Chinese - User:Imyzc
  50. Sinhala - User:පසිඳු_කාවින්ද & User:Dprabhath
  51. Slovenian - User:Pinky sl
  52. Slovak - User:Kusavica
  53. Spanish - Wilfredor, User:Fitoschido, MadriCR, Ryo567,, User:rafael.minuesa
  54. Swedish - User:Warrakkk
  55. Tagalog - User:Jewel457
  56. Tamil - User:Info-farmer
  57. Traditional Chinese - User:Cwlin0416, User:TaqPol
  58. Turkish - User:Incelemeelemani, user:rapsar
  59. Ukrainian - User:Piramidion, user:Ата
  60. Urdu - User:Muhammad Shuaib (user:محمد شعیب on]]
  61. Vietnamese - User:Anh88 @ translatewiki 06:05, July 16, 2015 (UTC)
  62. Yiddish - User:פוילישער@ translatewiki ; User:Redaktor @ mediawiki



  • For interface messages at, we estimate the initiative affected 42 languages: the average progress in translations was 56.5% before the translathon, and 78.2% after (+21.7%). In particular,
Sakha went from 12.2% to 94.2%;
Brazilian Portuguese went from 50.6% to 100%;
Taraškievica went from 44.9% to 85.3%;
Doteli went from 1.3% to 41.2%.
Also, while 1.7% of the messages was marked as outdated before the translathon, the percentage dropped to 0.8% after (-0,9%).
  • For documentation messages at, we estimate the initiative affected 24 languages: the average progress in translations was 26.6% before translathon, and 46.9% after (+20.3%). Notable achievements for
Armenian, which went from 1% to 99%;
Swedish, from 21% to 99%;
and Brazilian Portuguese, from 34% to 83%.
Outdated translations were reduced from 8.4% before translathon to 4.8% after (-3,6%).

Graphs (interface messages only)

Note that no impact was expected on the new users' count, while having reviewers and reviews for existing translations wasn't even a goal for this initiative.


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Community Liaisons would like to thank the staff at, User:Siebrand in particular, for their support! Translators are welcome at his Wikimania session, Wikimedia Translation Sprint scheduled for Friday 17th at 2:30pm in Room G.

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