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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.
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Joining the community
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Now when you have created an account and are ready to get started you can just do your own thing. However, if there are questions that arise during the work (for example about how to standardize translations), or if you have a great idea for an improvement there are a few places where you can discuss it.


See: Support

The Support page is the central hub on for general discussions and problem reporting with, for example, an unclear message. There is a link on the left side (in the Navigation section). This page is being watched by the most active users and the administrator team.

Language portals

Each language has a portal where you as a translator can add your user name so that other translators can identfiy you and easily contact you when needed.

On the connected discussion page the translators can discuss the work done on For example how to translate tricky messages and plan and coordinate work on certain message group or with planning of events.

User pages and user discussions

Each registered user have a user page where they can tell a bit about themselves and what their work and interests are about.

Each user also has a discussion page connected to the account where other users can write messages to the user. This is a great way to ask question about a translation or discuss something else of relevance for the project.

Project pages

Each of the projects have a page presenting some basic information about the project, some statistic and a Translator map and a section listing Open support requests, i.e. identified problems with the messages. Often there are links to supporting documents (such as glossaries) found at the project page.

Reading through the information provided here will make you a more efficient and skilled translator. But please be aware that the quality of the information on the pages differs.

There is a discussion page connected to each project where you can post questions about messages or other things relevant to the project.

If you are missing something important, please ask about it on the Support page or on the discussion page of the project.

Meeting in real life

Meeting other translators in real life can be a great way of quickly solving problems and translate large amount of messages (as you can help each other).

You can find people close to you (for example if you are planning to organize a translation event) either by droping a question on either one of the above described places or by using the Map of translators.