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Translation request for Amharic014:52, 28 January 2016
የፈረንጅ ወራት123:07, 26 July 2010
Please consider translation priority212:05, 5 July 2010
Welcome to!017:55, 4 July 2010

Translation request for Amharic

⧼Please-translate⧽: Amharic Completion Outdated
Interface* 5% Way to go to complete translations! 1% Minor effort required to get to 0%
User Guide 0% Way to go to complete translations! 0% 25 to 0% remaining
FAQ 0% Way to go to complete translations! 0% 25 to 0% remaining
Portal 0% Way to go to complete translations! 0% 25 to 0% remaining
TemplateData 0% Way to go to complete translations! 0% 25 to 0% remaining
TemplateData help 0% Way to go to complete translations! 0% 25 to 0% remaining
*Most of the pages listed above are at — you can use your Wikipedia account to log in and work there.

Hello, and please excuse the English. My name is Erica and I am a community liaison for the visual editor at the Wikimedia Foundation.

I'm contacting you today as you are proficient in Amharic, to ask you some time-sensitive help with translations related to the visual editor, here and at I'm therefore providing this little table, hoping it can make the work easier for you, and please do not hesitate to contact me immediately if you need any further information. I'd like to thank you in advance for what you will do and for the invaluable support you will provide to the Amharic wikimedian community! (Please feel free to forward this message to other community members who may be equally interested or able to contribute.)


Elitre (WMF) (talk)14:52, 28 January 2016

የፈረንጅ ወራት

ሰላም ሔኖክ። የፈረንጅ ወራት ስሞች በሙሉ ወደ ኢትዮጵያ ወራት እንደ ቀየርከው አይቻለሁ፤ ይህ ግን የማይሻል መስሎኛል። ለምሳሌ ታኅሳስና ዲሴምበር የተለያዩ መበቻዎችና ቀኖች አላቸው። ስለዚህ ይህንን እገልብጣለሁ። ያም ሆነ ይህ ትጋበት!

Codex Sinaiticus05:58, 21 July 2010

ሰላም ያገርልጅ። እኔም በነገሩ ላይ እያሰብኩበት ነበር። ካንተ ባላውቅም ነገር ግን የቀኖቹ ቁጥሮች በፈረንጂኛው ስለሆኑ ተጠቃሚውን አያደናግሩትም የሚል መደምደሚያ ላይ ስለደረስኩ ነው ቀኑን ለመቀየር የወሰንኩት። ስለሁሉም አመስግኛለሁ።

Hinstein23:07, 26 July 2010

Please consider translation priority

Hi. Thanks for making your first contributions. So far I see them made scattered all over the place; that fine. Each contribution is valuable. Please consider completing the most often used messages in MediaWiki first. More information on the recommended process for MediaWiki translation is also available. Cheers!

Siebrand06:46, 5 July 2010

I need such kind of help till i become familiar with this project. thanks a lot :)

--Hinstein 11:33, 5 July 2010 (UTC)
Hinstein11:33, 5 July 2010

Don't worry. When I spot issues, I'll let you know.

Got one: if you update a message and it contains "!!FUZZY!!", please remove that text while updating; otherwise the system will keep treating the message as outdated and untranslated, and it will keep on showing up in the list. A little more information is at User:FuzzyBot.

Siebrand12:05, 5 July 2010

Welcome to!
Getting started
Translation tutorial
How to start
See also
Localisation guidelines
Translating offline

Hi Henok Arega. Welcome to! You can now start translating. You should also check the portal for your language, the link is in the sidebar. Other useful pages are linked in the menu that comes with this message.

Your translations are transferred to the standard product every few days or every few weeks depending on the product. Please notice that it may take longer before you see your translation in the actual product. It can be just a few days before they appear on Wikipedia, but a few months can pass between each new release of FreeCol.

We wish you a productive and pleasant stay. Please leave any questions on Support. Cheers!

17:55, 4 July 2010