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Corrections and uniformity117:22, 15 January 2017
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Corrections and uniformity

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Last edit: 19:07, 25 June 2015

Hello, KWiki! In an ongoing effort to uniform the strings on bs.wikipedia.org, I'd like to ask you to delete the localized versions on bs.wikipedia for Move page button, Move article, Move log page, Move page log text, Move page (moved), Move page login text, Move page talk text, Move page text and Move talk.

  • Why would we want this? - The existing translators (who did a fantastic job doing all the interface) didn't distinguish the difference between move and redirect
To move a page means to take its entire content that's already there and to move it to another blank article
To redirect means to make a blank page with a redirect command in the brackets that will redirect that new blank page to a new fully content heavy page.
In order to avoid confusion for new users (myself included for the first month or so!), I would strongly advise to translate move to "premještanje" as well as any related forms of the word to keep it uniform and redirect to "preusmjerenje".
  • Why that word? - It's been standardized on other local wikis, such as the hr and sr ones and over there it's used exclusively without any confusion.
Please note the universal usage here on HR, and the BS one is currently not standardized and I've highlighted the changes.

We also have additional standardization issues, such as the Protocol strings. This string has Protocol in it, and this does not, while this uses the term "evidencija" (which is a pretty good translation to standardize anyway!) and this has "zapisnik" (which is also good, but NOT both!). After you delete the localized versions of the things I've asked you to, we'll work on standardizing this as well.

Thank you and have a great morning/day/night!
Srdjan m (talk)19:07, 25 June 2015

Here are some clarifications to help you. Here is the FAQ section of the problem we're having. All you need to do is go to all the pages I've linked above and delete them. That's all you need to do. By deleting them instead of changing them, the Wikipedia will use Translatewiki changes to show content.

This means when we change something here, it'll be affected there.
Note that the string will still be the same for a few days until the message is updated.

Also, be sure to review the translations here when you have the time.

Reminder: we'll use "premjestiti" (and all other variants like "premješteno", "premjesti") to mean move.

P. S. What would you like to use for the Protocol strings I mentioned above? Do you want us to use "Zapisnik" or "Evidencija"?

Have a great morning/day/night!
Srdjan m (talk)12:26, 26 June 2015



Can you please help translating the ContentTranslation extension? We are enhancing its deployment to the Bosnian Wikipedia, and I'd love it to be fully translated.

Thank you very much!

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)14:31, 16 May 2015