Category:Noindexed pages

This category is hidden by default at the bottom of its member pages in their list of categories, unless you have opted in your preferences to display such hidden categories.

The page is not indexed by robots because it has the magic word __NOINDEX__ on it and is in a namespace where that flag is allowed.

  • This category contains user pages which do not get indexed by search engines by request.
  • It contains also pages that are nominated for speedy deletion (most often because of a typo in the page name, or incorrect namespace, or because the user asked for the deletion of its own user pages containing sensitive data or wants to apply a privacy measure).
This tracking category should ideally be empty, but it is used for tracking some errors or other conditions that may occur. It may be populated by templates, or for tracking some issues detected by internal MediaWiki features.
NotePlease do not delete this category even if it's empty, thank you.


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