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Translation rally ended, do not partipicate anymore.Handling page available here.


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If said "Please transfer my cut to me", how cut PayPal account?313:32, 21 August 2012
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Translation Rally link pointing to old rally in Special:Rally500120:18, 9 August 2012 August 2012 Translation Rally results

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These are the results of the August 2012 Translation Rally. These results are not yet final. Some claims are under investigation.

The scope of this rally was "All things Wikimedia", and apparently it was a great choice. 54 users have made 500 or more contributions during the rally. Our largest group of qualifying users in a translation rally ever; and that's not the only record we broke in the past 9 days! We'll be sure to try and continue these types of events in 2012, and we hope for your continued support!

  • Total new in-scope translations during rally: 65,948
  • Total active in-scope translators during rally: 188
  • Languages contributed to: 115

Below are the contribution counts for all qualifying users that each get a EUR 17,60 cut (including transfers costs). පසිඳු කාවින්ද has made the most qualified contributions during the rally and qualifies for an additional EUR 50,00 cut. Congratulations and many, many thanks to all translators for making such an enormous difference for non-English users of software in the Wikimedia universe! If we do not have your payment details yet, we will request those from you by e-mail within a week or two. I'm pretty swamped with work, as always, so please "don't be hatin'" if I'm going to be a little late...

  1. පසිඳු කාවින්ද 7712
  2. NoiX180 6506
  3. Chrisportelli 4665
  4. David1010 3460
  5. ChrisPtDe 1665
  6. Karthi.dr 1565
  7. Shanmugamp7 1541
  8. Avjoska 1296
  9. Pikne 1122
  10. Sahran 1044
  11. Stelistcristi 1025
  12. Dragonòt 1001
  13. Shirayuki 953
  14. Anakmalaysia 921
  15. Stephenwanjau 815
  16. Mjbmr 813
  17. Shreekant Hegde 812
  18. Farras 767
  19. Darth Kule 702
  20. Glavkos 689
  21. Rancher 686
  22. 아라 683
  23. Joetaras 644
  24. Simon Shek 642
  25. Jnanaranjan Sahu 640
  26. Beluga 628
  27. Shubha 626
  28. Gazeb 626
  29. Vks 577
  30. Ahmed-Najib-Biabani-Ibrahimkhel 573
  31. Hylle 571
  32. Naudefj 558
  33. Yekrats 547
  34. WikiPhoenix 546
  35. Siebrand 541
  36. Olli 535
  37. Haqmar 531
  38. Veeven 529
  39. FatosMorina 528
  40. Chmee2 524
  41. TariButtar 519
  42. Kalan 517
  43. Liangent 515
  44. Eitvys200 513
  45. Kwisha 511
  46. Przemub 510
  47. மதனாஹரன் 508
  48. Papuass 507
  49. Dj 507
  50. F. Cosoleto 504
  51. Nasir8891 503
  52. Firilacroco 502
  53. Meno25 501
  54. Arnaugir 500

New translations per product category:

  1. MediaWiki extensions: 50027
  2. Mobile products: 5077
  3. Other (toolserver, pywikipedia): 3888
  4. MediaWiki core: 3801
  5. Offline products: 3155

New translations per language (top 20):

  1. Javanese (jv): 6513
  2. Maltese (mt): 4728
  3. Tamil (ta): 3524
  4. Georgian (ka): 3227
  5. Urdu (ur): 3225
  6. Sinhala (si): 2587
  7. Estonian (et): 2407
  8. Arpitan (frp): 1665
  9. Romanian (ro): 1648
  10. Czech (cs): 1494
  11. Sanskrit (sa): 1438
  12. Swahili (sw): 1330
  13. Italian (it): 1216
  14. Finnish (fi): 1195
  15. Uyghur (Arabic script) (ug-arab): 1044
  16. Simplified Chinese (zh-hans): 1022
  17. Piedmontese (pms): 1001
  18. Persian (fa): 862
  19. Serbian (Cyrillic script) (sr-ec): 851
  20. Russian (ru): 814


09:44, 18 August 2012
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Hello! When do we expect the cut transferred into the various paypal accounts. Asking for the many :)

07:25, 26 August 2012

Wow!@ This is the best results i ever seen before...

Pasindu ()

01:31, 15 September 2012

Is there any update? (These sites haven't been changed since last month)

13:16, 22 October 2012

All done but 4 payments to users in India (all bank transfers were made today). See Project:Rally-2012-08/handling.

18:02, 22 October 2012

If said "Please transfer my cut to me", how cut PayPal account?

If said "Please transfer my cut to me", how cut PayPal account (or bank account)? --아라다 알아 (talk) 06:55, 21 August 2012 (UTC)

06:55, 21 August 2012

Am not sure that I completely understood your question but I will try and answer it satisfactorily. The cut shall be transfered to the paypal account, or bank account of the beneficiary of the cut that can receive direct deposits from the Netherlands. The costs incurred while receiving the cuts shall be cushioned by the recipients of the cut meaning amount received shall be lower than (950/number of eligible recipients). Hope that helps.

08:07, 21 August 2012

Can you please count how much I'm going to share. Please! Tari Buttar (talk) 12:39, 21 August 2012 (UTC)

Tari Buttar (talk)

12:39, 21 August 2012

Can't sign

Please please please help. I've done and qualified for the rally since 15 or 16 August but I can't sign on the page as it's too long for me as I'm on mobile. I didn't signed before as I thought that it is to be after the rally over. But o6x I can't sign for being qualified. I want to sign with, Please transfer my cut to me. I can edit if there is a section but if I edit the current page the bottom text 'll be lost as my mobile's edit box only allows me to have 5000 characters. Please help by cutting the page into sections or sign in with my name there. Tari Buttar (talk) 15:01, 18 August 2012 (UTC)

Tari Buttar (talk)

15:01, 18 August 2012

Hello, don't worry, Siebrand has already added you this morning.

16:55, 18 August 2012

Update on top list

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Hi. For those that are trying to be "top contributor" in the Translation Rally of August 2012, here's a little teaser: David1010 is currently leading the pack with 2,293 qualifying contributions. The top 5 is completed with පසිඳු කාවින්ද, Chrisportelli, Karthi.dr and Shanmugamp7.

Thanks to all of you for making this enormous effort. Obviously there is still a lot to translate in your language. Have you considered inviting your friends to join you in translating and proofreading!? We'd be happy to have them!

Some additional stats: We've had qualifying contributions by 137 users in 96 languages. Distribution over product categories:

  1. MediaWiki: 3522
  2. MediaWiki extensions: 43841
  3. Mobile: 4708
  4. Offline: 3010
  5. Other: 3695
  • Total: 58776

Totals for translations per category updated on 17:52, 16 August 2012 (UTC)

16:47, 12 August 2012

With three days left in the rally, we have a new leader! පසිඳු කාවින්ද leads and David1010, Chrisportelli and NoiX180 are each less than 500 qualifying contributions behind. The top 5 is completed with Karthi.dr who will have to play some major catchup to get to the top contributor position in the rally.

To each of you, and the other 162 users with qualifying edits (including myself with 226 - yay!), I take my hat off. Great work! Keep those translations coming!

23:27, 14 August 2012

Contribution Count!

I was wondering how comes the translations/contrib count went down today for at least everyone. The leader yesterday had 2K + contribs and today they are below 2K! Is someone undoing the edits:-) or what is happening? UWanja Talk to me. Send Me E-mail 16:28, 14 August 2012 (UTC)

16:28, 14 August 2012

It's probably a good idea to let us know where you got your information from, because my data does not support your statement.

19:46, 14 August 2012

Hello Siebrand et al. While I was skimming thorugh the leader board I noticed the edits/count was 'going down' which is actually false. As you know,the leader board is being created by the template {{Special:ContributionScores/50/4/notools,nosort}} and my parameters had been static and so the leader board would not update on the older edits which constitute to the total changes. Sorry for the unnecessary alarm.

17:43, 16 August 2012

Optional messages

Does translating optional messages count in the rally?

15:44, 11 August 2012

Yes, unless abused.

16:12, 11 August 2012

Any attempt to game the system will result in the user being disqualified, irregardless of the number of new pages created.

12:32, 12 August 2012

Rally statistics

Contributions per hour past day Translators per hour past day Contributions August
Contributions per day Translators per day Active translators August
20:56, 8 August 2012

2012 Rally : I don't find anything else to translate !

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Hi Siebrand,

Once again this year, I wish to participate to the translation rally. I have already done a bit more than 100 en->fr trnslations, but can't really find translations that I haven't already done or that I couldn't translate among the list of the 11 products you are proposing. I have seen that other projects such as the Encyclopedia of Life are available on translatewiki, but do not belong to the rally. What can I do ?

Thanks in advance,

09:49, 10 August 2012

Hi Bruno, that's unfortunate indeed. As with French, I have the same problem in Dutch. We're simply translating too much! But without kidding, you can indeed not qualify in the translation rally with translations for French, because there is not enough work left. Nothing to be done about that; you could learn another language, like Zulu, for example. That language has more than enough work for 40 translators translating 500 messages each. ;)

There are other ways, though, to make yourself extremely useful here. There is a language code "qqq" which contains documentation for the strings that translators translate. Many of those have not yet been documentation. Taking the source code, and adding documentation to it, you can make translations, although I must warn you that documenting takes much, much more time than translating.

14:04, 10 August 2012

Translation Rally link pointing to old rally in Special:Rally500

Translation Rally link pointing to old rally in Special:Rally500

16:03, 9 August 2012

MediaWiki:Rally500-summary fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

20:18, 9 August 2012