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Hi, I’m Minh Nguyễn, a Vietnamese-American software developer and Stanford Computer Science alumnus [1] in the San Francisco Bay Area, originally from Loveland, Ohio, United States.

I volunteer as a translator here, a bureaucrat at the Vietnamese Wikipedia and Vietnamese Wiktionary, and an administrator at the Vietnamese Wikibooks, Vietnamese Wikisource, Wikimedia Meta-Wiki, and the Wikipedia 10 planning wiki – and formerly the Multilingual Wikisource. I’m one of the people who keep the main Wikipedia portal up-to-date. (If you know HTML, you can too!)


  • Vietnamese (stats):
    • Translate some more magic words.
    • Make quote marks, ellipses, and dashes consistent. I'd prefer to use “”, ‘’, , and .
    • Replace bài ("article") with trang ("page").
    • Translate the Boardvote and CentralAuth extensions, according to the Vietnamese Wikipedia. (The translations there are heavily customized, so they'll need some rewording; please don't import them.)