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Wikimedia still uses legacy codes sr-ec and sr-el for its interwiki prefixes and translation suffixes (instead of the standard tags sr-cyrl and sr-latn for BCP 47, that must still be used in HTML/XML and related standards for language identification; these codes theoretically have a different meaning in BCP47, but would be used for countries that don't have their own standardized variants of the Serbian languages: the sr-ec subtag would normally indicates "Serbian as spoken in Ecuador" but this makes no sense; as well, sr-el would eventually indicate "Serbian as spoken in Greece", using the EL code specially reserved in ISO 3166-1 by the European Union as an alias for GR: it could eventually make sense, but a standard code for Serbian as spoken in Greece would eventually be sr-gr instead. So this is normally not blocking any translation on translatewiki.net or in other MediaWiki-based wiki or project). Applications should then treat these legacy codes aas aliases of the standard codes when importing translations from translatewiki.net.

Правописне недоумице

Пре него што почнете са уређивањем, можете да погледате „Правописне недоумице”.