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هذه الصفحة عبارة عن قائمة بالمصطلحات الفنية الأساسية والأكثر شيوعًا والضرورية لاستخدام برنامج ميدياويكي.

صُممت القائمة لتكون قابلة للترجمة بسهولة إلى جميع اللغات التي يمكن للأشخاص استخدام ميدياويكي بها. ليس من المفترض أن يكون مسردًا شاملًا لجميع مصطلحات ميدياويكي، ولكن فقط لتلك المصطلحات الضرورية لجميع اللغات، وعلى وجه الخصوص، لبدء تكييف ميدياويكي مع لغة جديدة من خلال ترجمة الرسائل الأكثر أهمية (المعروف أيضًا باسم "الأكثر استخدامًا").

يجب ترجمة هذه القائمة إلى جميع اللغات، بما في ذلك تلك التي تمتلك ميدياويكي فيها بالفعل مصطلحات راسخة.

يتضمن كلاً من المصطلحات التي لها معنى خاص في ميدياويكي، مثل "تصنيف" و"قالب"، ومصطلحات الكمبيوتر العامة، مثل "ملف" و "رفع". راجع صفحة "مزيد من المعلومات حول هذا المسرد" للحصول على شرح حول ذلك.

يتم استخدام النص الغامق للتأكيد على المعلومات حول الكلمات التي غالبًا ما تُترجم بشكل غير صحيح.

بجانب العديد من المصطلحات، هناك أيقونات. قد يؤدي النقر فوقها إلى عرض المزيد من المعلومات:

A link to the relevant encyclopedic article in the English Wikipedia that describes the thing in question. Check the interlanguage links of this article to find articles in other languages you may know.
A link to the relevant page in the English Wiktionary. Make sure to read the definitions carefully and pick the one that is closest to the meaning you need. Many words in the English Wiktionary have translations to other languages. To see them, scroll down, find the "Translations" list, find the translations list with the sense that interests you, and find your language. If your language is not listed, consider adding a translation to Wiktionary.
A link to the relevant technical documentation page on the website.

The glossary is sorted alphabetically by the English term.


حساب | الإنجليزية: account
A user account; a stored record of information about a user of a wiki, identified by a username.
إداري | الإنجليزية: administrator
A user that has more permissions than a regular user. Most often, this includes the permissions to block and unblock users, to edit protected pages, and to delete, undelete, protect, and unprotect pages. Also known in English as "admin" or "sysop".
مجهول | الإنجليزية: anonymous
A user who didn't log in. Such a user is identified by an IP address in history, recent changes, logs, etc.
نسب العمل إلى مُؤَلِّفه | الإنجليزية: attribution
The process of giving credit.


تجريبي | الإنجليزية: beta
Short for "beta feature".
beta feature | الإنجليزية: beta feature
A new function that is enabled on a wiki site for testing by users.
منع | الإنجليزية: block
Verb: Disable a user's ability to edit. Noun: An instance of blocking. Administrators of wiki sites block users if they publish spam or nonsense or disrupt the wiki in other ways.
بوت | الإنجليزية: bot
Short for "robot". A computer program that makes fast automatic edits to wiki pages.
browser | الإنجليزية: browser
Short for "web browser". A computer application that lets people read websites. Common web browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Samsung Internet, Opera, and Tor Browser.


cache | الإنجليزية: cache
A family of computer technologies that store data in a location that allows faster access. It usually improves performance, but sometimes it may cause outdated information to be shown to users. "Cleaning" or "purging" the cache forces new data to be shown, but may also cause a temporary performance slowdown.
ألغِ | الإنجليزية: cancel
Verb: Stop an operation without saving the work that was done until now. This most often appears on buttons.
الشرح | الإنجليزية: caption
A short text that explains an image, especially a thumbnail.
كابتشا | الإنجليزية: CAPTCHA
A test that checks whether a user is a human or a bot, for example, by requiring the user to type deformed characters when creating an account or adding an external link. This is a technical term, and it doesn't have to be translated.
case-insensitive | الإنجليزية: case-insensitive
The opposite of case-sensitive: Not distinguishing uppercase and lowercase letters; treating "Cat" and "cat" as functionally the same string.
case-sensitive | الإنجليزية: case-sensitive
Distinguishing uppercase and lowercase letters; treating "Cat" and "cat" as different strings.
category | الإنجليزية: category
A group of related wiki pages. For example, the articles "Dog", "Mouse", and "Horse" can all belong to the category "Animals". This word is also used as the namespace prefix for category pages.
category page | الإنجليزية: category page
A wiki page in the Category namespace. A part of its content is generated automatically by creating a list of pages that are tagged as belonging to this category. It can also have more text that explains the category. A category page can itself belong to other categories, in which case it's called a subcategory of these categories.
category talk | الإنجليزية: category talk
Short for "category talk page". Used as the namespace prefix for category talk pages.
category talk page | الإنجليزية: category talk page
A talk page associated with a category page.
تغيير | الإنجليزية: change
When talking about wiki pages, same as edit.
الحرف | الإنجليزية: character
A letter (a, b, c, ا, ب, ت, э, ю, я, , , , , , ), a digit (1, 2, 3), a punctuation mark (., !, ?), an operator (+, -), etc.
client | الإنجليزية: client
A computer program that retrieves information from a server.
كومنز | الإنجليزية: Commons
Short for "Wikimedia Commons". Not to be confused with Creative Commons.
content | الإنجليزية: content
Everything that is shown on wiki pages and that users can edit: text, images, templates, etc.
contents | الإنجليزية: contents
Short for "table of contents".
content page | الإنجليزية: content page
A wiki page in the main namespace of a wiki.
contribution | الإنجليزية: contribution
Any action that a user does to change the content of a wiki: editing, rollbacking, translating, uploading files, etc. Different from donation.
cookie | الإنجليزية: cookie
A small piece of information sent by a server to the browser and then returned by the browser each time it accesses that server. It is mostly used to identify the users and store information about them. Users usually don't deal with them directly, but they are mentioned in the interface because they may have privacy implications.
Creative Commons | الإنجليزية: Creative Commons
An international network of organizations that write standardized licenses for free sharing of cultural works (text, images, video, etc.) and help people use these licenses. Most content on Wikimedia wikis is published under Creative Commons licenses.
credit | الإنجليزية: credit
An explicit acknowledgment of a source of text or media using the name of an author or an organization, a link to a website from which the information was copied, etc.
سي إس إس | الإنجليزية: CSS
A language for designing web pages. Short for "Cascading Style Sheets". This is a technical term, and it doesn't have to be translated.


حذف | الإنجليزية: delete
Verb: Remove a page from a wiki, done by an administrator. A deleted page can usually be restored.
desktop | الإنجليزية: desktop
Related to using a wiki in a browser on a desktop or a laptop computer, with a large screen and a physical keyboard. Different from mobile.
developer | الإنجليزية: developer
A programmer who develops the code that runs a wiki: MediaWiki, templates, modules, gadgets, bots, tools, etc.
فرق | الإنجليزية: diff
A comparison between two versions of a wiki page.
نقاش | الإنجليزية: discussion
Largely the same thing as talk, but this other word can be used in contexts that are more social and less technical.
donation | الإنجليزية: donation
A gift of money or something else to the person or the organization that manages a wiki site. Different from contribution.
تنزيل | الإنجليزية: download
فعل: نسخ ملف من موقع ويب إلى جهاز محلي. عكس رفع.


تعديل | الإنجليزية: edit
Verb: Change the content of a wiki page. Noun: Any action of editing a wiki page.
editor (user) | الإنجليزية: editor (user)
A user who edits a wiki page.
editor (program) | الإنجليزية: editor (program)
A feature of MediaWiki or another program that allows editing wiki pages. For example: Visual editor, 2010 wikitext editor, 2017 wikitext editor, Android app editor, etc.
edit summary | الإنجليزية: edit summary
A brief description of the changes the user has made in an edit.
export | الإنجليزية: export
Verb: Download the content of one or more wiki pages as a file that can be imported to another wiki.
external link | الإنجليزية: external link
A link to a page on another website.


ملف | الإنجليزية: file
A piece of information stored on a computer storage device and identified by a name. In MediaWiki, files are usually images (JPG, PNG, SVG), audio clips (OGG), videos (WEBM), and documents (PDF, DjVu). This word is also used as the namespace prefix for file pages: If the filename is "Taj Mahal.jpg", the file page name is "File:Taj Mahal.jpg".
filename | الإنجليزية: filename
The name of a file. Begins with a description of the file's content and ends with an extension (suffix) that identifies the file type. For example, ".jpg" is an extension for photograph files, and "Taj Mahal.jpg" is a good name for a file that includes a photograph of the Taj Mahal.
file page | الإنجليزية: file page
A wiki page that displays a file and information about it: on which wiki pages this file is used, who uploaded it, the file's license, and so on.
file talk | الإنجليزية: file talk
A talk page associated with a file page. If the filename is "Taj Mahal.jpg", the file talk page's title is "File talk:Taj Mahal.jpg".
free | الإنجليزية: free
This doesn't mean "costing zero dollars". This refers to the freedom that the users have to read, copy, modify, and distribute the content of a wiki. It's a synonym of "liberated", "unconstrained", etc. See also Definition of Free Cultural Works.
free license | الإنجليزية: free license
A license that allows free use text or media. Note that the word for "free" here must be the same as in the term free.
fuzzy | الإنجليزية: fuzzy
See outdated.


gadget | الإنجليزية: gadget
Gadgets are pieces of JavaScript code that editors can write on a wiki site to enhance the site's functionality. The gadgets' code is stored on wiki pages. This word is also used as the namespace prefix for gadget pages.
gadget page | الإنجليزية: gadget page
A wiki page in the Gadget namespace. It stores the source code for a gadget.
gadget talk | الإنجليزية: gadget talk
Short for "gadget talk page". This word is also used as the namespace prefix for gadget talk pages.
gadget talk page | الإنجليزية: gadget talk page
A talk page associated with a gadget page.
gender | الإنجليزية: gender
When this word appears as {{GENDER:, it must not be translated. MediaWiki supports writing messages differently for users who defined that they should be described as "he", or "she", or didn't explicitly define it. See the page Gender.
global | الإنجليزية: global
Pertaining to all the wikis in a wiki family. For example, a usual block on the Spanish Wikipedia disallows the user to edit pages only on the Spanish Wikipedia, but a global block disallows editing all the wikis: Wikipedia in all languages, Wikivoyage in all languages, etc.


مساعدة | الإنجليزية: help
Technical documentation for using the wiki. This word is also used as the namespace prefix for help pages.
help page | الإنجليزية: help page
A wiki page in the Help namespace.
help talk | الإنجليزية: help talk
Short for "help talk page". Used as the namespace prefix for help talk pages.
help talk page | الإنجليزية: help talk page
A talk page associated with a help page.
تاريخ | الإنجليزية: history
Short for "page history" or "version history". A list of versions of a wiki page, showing the time, the user, the edit summary, and other information about each revision.
الصفحة الرئيسية | الإنجليزية: home
Short for "home page".
home page | الإنجليزية: home page
Same as main page, especially on the mobile site.


المعرف | الإنجليزية: id
Short for "identifier". A number or a string that refers to something: a users, a page, a version, etc.
import | الإنجليزية: import
Verb: Add pages to a wiki from a file that was exported from another wiki, or directly from another wiki in the wiki family.
interlanguage link | الإنجليزية: interlanguage link
A link to a page about the same topic in a wiki in another language.
internal link | الإنجليزية: internal link
A link to another page on the same wiki.
interwiki link | الإنجليزية: interwiki link
A link to a page on another wiki using specific syntax.
غير صحيح | الإنجليزية: invalid
Technically unacceptable. For example, a page title is invalid if it includes the character {, which is forbidden in titles.
invoke | الإنجليزية: invoke
Verb: Call a module, run it, and insert the result of the call into a wiki page. A similar operation with templates is called transclusion.
عنوان الآيبي | الإنجليزية: IP address
A number that identifies a computer in a network. In MediaWiki, IP addresses are used to attribute edits and other actions to anonymous users.
البند | الإنجليزية: item
On Wikidata, an entity that represents a thing in the world. It is identified by the letter Q followed by a unique number, and it may have labels in any language. Wikidata items have many uses, but their simplest and most common use is to connect Wikipedia articles in different languages in a way that allows the display of interlanguage links. See the Wikidata Glossary.


جافاسكربت | الإنجليزية: JavaScript
A programming language. In MediaWiki, it's used for gadgets and parts of MediaWiki itself.
JSON | الإنجليزية: JSON
A data file format. This is a technical term, and it doesn't have to be translated.


التسمية | الإنجليزية: label
A name of a Wikidata item in a human language. See the Wikidata Glossary.
legend | الإنجليزية: label
A list of symbols, colors, or abbreviations that are used in a chart, table, etc.
link | الإنجليزية: link
A piece of text or an image that the user can click to go to another web page.
الترخيص | الإنجليزية: license
A legal document that specifies the terms of use for a text, an image, or a video, especially with regard to copyright law.
سجل | الإنجليزية: log
An automatically generated list of actions of a certain type, showing when and by which user they were performed, as well as other details, according to the type of action. Examples of logged actions are account creation, page deletion, and user blocking.
تسجيل الدخول | الإنجليزية: log in
Verb: Identify oneself to the wiki site as the owner of an account. A user who has logged in is not anonymous, and that user's edits and actions are attributed to the username in the page history and in the logs.
log out | الإنجليزية: log out
Verb: Disconnect from the account and become anonymous.


main | الإنجليزية: main
When discussing namespaces: The namespace of a wiki, in which the content pages of a wiki are stored. Opposed to other namespaces, such as Talk, User, Category, Template, etc. Titles of pages in the main namespace don't have a prefix.
main page | الإنجليزية: main page
A wiki page that is the first page shown to the visitors of a wiki site. May be called "home page" or "front page" in other publications.
وسائط | الإنجليزية: media
This doesn't mean "journalism" or "mass communication". This is short for "multimedia". It is also used as a virtual namespace prefix for linking to files.
ميدياويكي | الإنجليزية: MediaWiki
A software package for running wiki sites. Originally developed for Wikipedia, and also used on many other websites, most of which are not related to Wikipedia. This word is also used as the namespace prefix for pages for local customization of user interface messages.
MediaWiki talk | الإنجليزية: MediaWiki talk
Short for "MediaWiki talk page". Used as the namespace prefix for MediaWiki talk pages.
MediaWiki talk page | الإنجليزية: MediaWiki talk page
A talk page associated with a page in the MediaWiki namespace.
message | الإنجليزية: message
A string that appears in the user interface of a MediaWiki website. Messages can be translated on translatewiki. When needed, they can be customized locally in the MediaWiki namespace, and this will override the translation written on translatewiki.
MIME | الإنجليزية: MIME
A technology for identifying file types on the Internet, for example "application/pdf", "image/png", etc. This is a technical term, and it doesn't have to be translated.
mobile | الإنجليزية: mobile
Related to using a wiki on a mobile device, such as a phone or a tablet, with a small screen and no physical keyboard. Different from desktop.
module | الإنجليزية: module
A piece of code that can be invoked from wiki pages and adds some text to these pages. Modules are similar to templates, but templates are written in wikitext and modules are written in the Lua programming language. This word is also used as the namespace prefix for module pages.
module page | الإنجليزية: module page
A wiki page in the Module namespace. It stores the source code for a module and the module's usage documentation.
module talk | الإنجليزية: module talk
Short for "module talk page". This word is also used as the namespace prefix for module talk pages.
module talk page | الإنجليزية: module talk page
A talk page associated with a module page.
move | الإنجليزية: move
Verb: Rename a page or a file. Noun: An action of renaming a page or a file.
multimedia | الإنجليزية: multimedia
This is a general name for various media files stored in a media repository. For example: image file, audio file, video file, etc. Often shortened to "media".


namespace | الإنجليزية: namespace
Every page on a wiki belongs to a namespace. The main content pages of a wiki are said to belong to the main namespace, and their titles have no prefix. Because of this, "main" is often written in parentheses "(main)". Pages in other namespaces have a prefix, such as "Talk:", "User:", "Special:", etc.


outdated | الإنجليزية: outdated
In translatewiki, an outdated translated message must be carefully reviewed and, in most cases, fixed by the translator. This condition is also known as "fuzzy". It appears with a yellow "outdated" mark in the translation interface. A message can become outdated for three reasons: 1. The source message was updated after it was translated; 2. It has technical mistakes, for example invalid link syntax; 3. Another translatewiki editor noticed a mistake in it and manually marked it as outdated.


صفحة | الإنجليزية: page
Any page on a MediaWiki site. Can be an editable wiki page or a special page.
parameter (templates) | الإنجليزية: parameter (templates)
In templates, modules, and parser functions: values that are sent to the template or the modules to tell it with which data to work.
parameter (translatewiki) | الإنجليزية: parameter (translatewiki)
When translating MediaWiki messages: pieces of messages that look like $1, $2, $3, and are replaced by something, such as numbers, usernames, or page titles. In translatable pages, the dollar sign can also be followed by words, e.g. $page. In some other projects, parameters can look differently, e.g. %d or %(page).
parser | الإنجليزية: parser
A component of MediaWiki that reads wikitext and converts it to formatted text that is shown to readers.
parser function | الإنجليزية: parser function
A short wikitext function that can compute a value or make a simple decision based on data. Usually used in the wikitext of templates.
كلمة السر | الإنجليزية: password
A secret string that the user writes to identify while logging in.
permission | الإنجليزية: permission
Same as right.
pixel | الإنجليزية: pixel
A dot on a computer screen. Used for measuring size and resolution of images.
plural | الإنجليزية: plural
When this word appears as {{PLURAL:, it must not be translated. MediaWiki supports writing messages according to different numbers. See the page Plural.
preferences | الإنجليزية: preferences
Every user's personal choices about how a wiki site works: how to show the preview, whether links should be underlined, which entries the watchlist shows and hides, etc.
البادئة | الإنجليزية: prefix
The first characters of a string. In MediaWiki, prefixes are most often used for namespace names (Category: in "Category:Cities in Japan") and interlanguage links (fr: in fr:Pain au chocolat).
preview | الإنجليزية: preview
Showing how the page will look before publishing it.
المشروع | الإنجليزية: project
In MediaWiki, this is used to describe a wiki and the community of people editing it. For example, the French Wikipedia, the Russian Wikisource, Wikidata, Commons, and translatewiki are projects.
project namespace | الإنجليزية: project namespace
"Project" is one of the namespaces on all wikis. Pages in this namespace are used for several purposes, for example project policies, discussions among projects participants, lists of suggested tasks to work on, and so on. When pages in this namespace are displayed, this word is replaced with the project name. For example, in the English Wikipedia, the page "Project:About" is the same as "Wikipedia:About". Both titles can be used as links, but "Wikipedia:About" is displayed to readers.
project talk | الإنجليزية: project talk
A project talk page is a talk page associated with a page in the project namespace. For example, if the project page title is "Wikipedia:About", the project talk page title is "Wikipedia talk:About".
protect | الإنجليزية: protect
Verb: Allow only some users to edit a page, done by an administrator.
حماية | الإنجليزية: protection
The act of protecting a page.
proxy | الإنجليزية: proxy
An intermediary computer that allows people to connect to the Internet through it.
انشر | الإنجليزية: publish
Verb: Save a wiki page after creating or editing it and make it readable by everyone.


استعلام | الإنجليزية: query
A request for information that is sent by a user to a server. For example, a search string or a request for a list of pages that begin with certain letters. The software sending the query is also known as a "client".


raw | الإنجليزية: raw
Adjective: In the most basic representation. For example, the raw watchlist is a list of pages on the watchlist in plain text.
recent changes | الإنجليزية: recent changes
A special page at Special:RecentChanges, which shows all the recent edits that were made in a wiki.
تحويلة | الإنجليزية: redirect
Verb: Automatically transfer the user from one page to another; Create a redirect page. Noun: Short for "redirect page".
صفحة تحويل | الإنجليزية: redirect page
A page that immediately takes the user to another specified page when the user tries to access it.
remix | الإنجليزية: remix
Verb: Copy content from somewhere (for example, a website), and modify it.
resolution | الإنجليزية: resolution
The quality of an image, measured in pixel count.
استرجاع | الإنجليزية: restore
Verb: Bring a page that was deleted back into the wiki.
retrieve | الإنجليزية: retrieve
Verb: Fetch information from a server.
استرجع | الإنجليزية: revert
Verb: Change the page in a way that restores its content to an earlier revision.
مراجعة | الإنجليزية: revision
Usually the same as version.
right | الإنجليزية: right
A permission to perform an action, such as editing, deleting, or protecting a page, to view certain special pages or logs, to block users, etc.
استرجاع | الإنجليزية: rollback
Verb: Revert a page in one click. This action is usually available only to some users, for example administrators.


حفظ | الإنجليزية: save
Verb: Store information persistently, but not necessarily make it public. Saving something in a way that is readable to others is called publishing, and these words should be different. For example, a user's preferences are saved, but not published.
search | الإنجليزية: search
فعل: ابحث عن المعلومات، عادة عن طريق كتابة كلمة واحدة أو أكثر في محرك البحث الداخلي في الويكي.

اسم: عملية البحث ونتائجها (ما وجد).

section | الإنجليزية: section
A part of a wiki page that begins with a heading, and may include one or more paragraphs, and possibly sub-sections.
semi-protected | الإنجليزية: semi-protected
Protected less strictly than the usual protection. Most often, fully protected pages can be edited only by administrators, and semi-protected pages can be edited by users who created their account a specific number of days ago or made a specific number of edits, but the actual configuration may be different on different wikis.
server | الإنجليزية: server
A computer that is connected to a network and that stores information that can be retrieved by users. The software users use to connect to a server is called a "client".
When this word appears as {{SITENAME}}, it must not be translated. This is automatically replaced with the name of the website. For example, on Wikipedia, "About {{SITENAME}}" is shown as "About Wikipedia".
source (content) | الإنجليزية: source (content)
When discussing the content of wikis: The source of information on a wiki page or of a file. For example, a book or another website.
source (wikitext) | الإنجليزية: source (wikitext)
In MediaWiki user interface: The representation of a wiki page in wikitext, especially as opposed to the page as it shown to readers, or for visual editing.
special | الإنجليزية: special
Adjective: Used as the namespace prefix for special pages.
special page | الإنجليزية: special page
A page on a wiki that cannot be edited by users. Special pages provide various services, such as display of information about the wiki, Recent Changes, Watchlist, Statistics, and special administration and editing interfaces such as blocking, managing user rights, translation, etc. They are called "Special" because they are different from usual wiki pages. It's translated as "service (page)" in some languages.
نص | الإنجليزية: string
A sequence of characters of any length. It is usually a word or a sentence, but in some cases it may be one character long or even empty (zero length).
strong | الإنجليزية: strong
When it appears as <strong> or </strong>, it must not be translated. This is HTML code that makes the text bold.
subcategory | الإنجليزية: subcategory
A category within another category. For example, "Cities in Paraguay" is a subcategory of "Cities in South America".
summary | الإنجليزية: summary
Short for "edit summary".


table of contents | الإنجليزية: table of contents
An automatically-generated list of section headings on a page. Usually appears near the top of the page.
نقاش | الإنجليزية: talk
Short for "talk page". This word is also used as the namespace prefix for talk pages associated with content pages (wiki pages in the main namespace).
صفحة النقاش | الإنجليزية: talk
A wiki page used for discussions between editors.
template | الإنجليزية: template
A piece of text or code that can be embedded ("transcluded") in other pages. Common examples of templates are infoboxes, formatted citations, maintenance notices at the top of an article, etc. Templates are similar to modules, but templates are written in wikitext and modules are written in the Lua programming language. This word is also used as the namespace prefix for template pages.
template page | الإنجليزية: template page
A wiki page in the Template namespace. It stores the source code for a template and the template's usage documentation.
template talk | الإنجليزية: template talk
Short for "template talk page". This word is also used as the namespace prefix for template talk pages.
template talk page | الإنجليزية: template talk page
A talk page associated with a template page.
صورة مصغرة | الإنجليزية: thumbnail
A small image, used as a compact representation of a larger image. Usually shown with a frame with a caption under it. Clicking the thumbnail shows the full-size image.
العنوان | الإنجليزية: title
The name of a page.
مضمن | الإنجليزية: transclusion
Inclusion or embedding of one wiki page into another. Most often, this is done with templates. A similar operation with modules is called invocation.


رجوع | الإنجليزية: undo
While reviewing page version: To revert a page, but possibly make some more changes and write a manual edit summary. Different from rollback, which is done in one click and restores everything. While editing a page: To erase the last change done to the content, reverting it to an older state. This action is available in web browsers and in many text editing applications.
unprotect | الإنجليزية: unprotect
Verb: The opposite of protect: Remove the protection from a page and make it editable by all users.
أوقف المراقبة | الإنجليزية: unwatch
Verb: The opposite of watch: Unwatching a page means removing it from the user's watchlist.
رفع | الإنجليزية: upload
فعل: نسخ ملف من جهاز محلي إلى موقع ويب. عكس تنزيل.
مسار | الإنجليزية: URL
A technical term for a web address, such as Short for "Uniform Resource Locator".
المستخدم | الإنجليزية: user
Somebody who uses a wiki, usually reading the information on it, or editing (changing) it. This may refer to a human, and also to a computer program, usually a bot. The user may be anonymous or identified using an account. This word is also used as the namespace prefix for user pages.
username | الإنجليزية: username
The name of a user account. It may be the real name of a person or a nickname.
صفحة مستخدم | الإنجليزية: user page
A wiki page in the User namespace. If the username is "Alice", the user page's title is "User:Alice". Every user with an account has a user page, and can write things there, for example information about themselves or what they do on the wiki.
user talk | الإنجليزية: user talk
Short for "user talk page". Used as the namespace prefix for user talk pages.
user talk page | الإنجليزية: user talk page
A talk page associated with a user page. If the username is "Alice", the user talk page's title is "User talk:Alice". The user talk page is used for sending messages to a user. These messages are not private, and can be read by everyone who can read the wiki.


version | الإنجليزية: version
The state of a wiki page's content after an edit. A wiki page that has just been created has one version. Every edit creates another version. A version has an author (user) and a time.
view | الإنجليزية: view
انظر إلى شيء ما، مثل صفحة، أو ملف، أو جدول، وما إلى ذلك. غالبًا ما يتناقض مع تعديل: على سبيل المثال، يمكن للمستخدمين العاديين فقط عرض الصفحات المحمية، لكن يمكن للإداريين تحريرها.
visual editing | الإنجليزية: visual editing
Editing while seeing the page similarly to how it's rendered to users: with images, headings, etc., and without seeing wiki syntax. This is similar to using a word processor, like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or LibreOffice, and also known by the jargon term "WYSIWYG" ("what you see is what you get"). Compare with wikitext editing.


راقب | الإنجليزية: watch
Verb: Add a page it to the user's watchlist.
watchlist | الإنجليزية: watchlist
A special page that shows recent changes in a list of pages that the user selected.
ويكي | الإنجليزية: wiki
A website that anyone can edit. A wiki contains many wiki pages. This is different from other websites, on which readers can read the content, but only a small group of people can edit it, or social networks on which users can write things about themselves and comment on other people's posts, but cannot change what other people write. When translating the word wiki by itself or as part of another name, its spelling can be changed, but it should still sound similarly to "wiki".
wiki page | الإنجليزية: wiki page
One web page on a wiki site.
wiki syntax | الإنجليزية: wiki syntax
The syntax of wikitext.
نص ويكي | الإنجليزية: wikitext
The source code of wiki pages, and the language for formatting them. The language includes things like [[]] for links, # for numbered lists, etc. Often contrasted with visual editing.
ويكي الكتب | الإنجليزية: Wikibooks
The open-content textbooks collection that anyone can edit. A wiki website on which people write long-form textbooks under a free license. Managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. There are editions of Wikibooks in many languages. The "wiki" part should not be changed much, but the word "books" can be translated to your language.
ويكي بيانات | الإنجليزية: Wikidata
The free knowledge base that anyone can edit. A wiki website on which people curate structured machine-readable data for the use of other wikis under a free license. Managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. There is one Wikidata site, and it can include information in any language. The "wiki" part should not be changed much, but the word "data" can be translated to your language.
ويكي الأخبار | الإنجليزية: Wikinews
The free news source you can write. A wiki website on which people write news articles under a free license. Managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. There are editions of Wikinews in many languages. The "wiki" part should not be changed much, but the word "news" can be translated to your language.
ويكيميديا | الإنجليزية: Wikimedia
The movement that operates Wikipedia and several other free knowledge wiki websites. Not to be confused with MediaWiki.
ويكيميديا كومنز | الإنجليزية: Wikimedia Commons
A collection of freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute. Media files that are stored on Wikimedia Commons can be used in any other Wikimedia wiki. Managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. This name is often shortened to "Commons" in English. The English word "commons" means "a public open area", and it can be translated. Into some languages, this name is translated as "wiki repository", "wiki sharing", etc. Not to be confused with Creative Commons.
ويكيبيديا | الإنجليزية: Wikipedia
The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. A wiki website on which people write an encyclopedia under a free license. Managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. There are editions of Wikipedia in many languages. The spelling of this name can be adapted to your language, but it should still be recognizable as "Wikipedia".
ويكي الاقتباس | الإنجليزية: Wikiquote
The free quote compendium that anyone can edit. A wiki website on which people maintain wiki pages with lists of quotes by famous people, from famous books or films, or about various topics. Managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. There are editions of Wikiquote in many languages. The "wiki" part should not be changed much, but the word "quote" can be translated to your language.
ويكي مصدر | الإنجليزية: Wikisource
The free library that anyone can improve. A wiki website on which people maintain wiki pages with books and documents that were published elsewhere, which can be copied under a free license, and which can be useful for reading or as source material for Wikipedia and other wikis. Managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. There are editions of Wikisource in many languages. The "wiki" part should not be changed much, but the word "source" can be adapted to your language. For example, it was translated as "wikilibrary" into Russian.
ويكي الرحلات | الإنجليزية: Wikivoyage
The free worldwide travel guide that you can edit. A wiki website on which people write a travel guide under a free license. Managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. There are editions of Wikivoyage in many languages. The "wiki" part should not be changed much, but the word "voyage" can be translated to your language.
ويكاموس | الإنجليزية: Wiktionary
The free dictionary. A wiki website on which people write a dictionary with word definitions and translations under a free license. Managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. There are editions of Wiktionary in many languages. The name is based on the words "wiki" and "dictionary"; the "wiki" part should not be changed much, but the word "(dic)tionary" can be adapted to your language.