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kea-N Es uzuáriu se língua maternu e kriolu.
pt-5 Este utilizador tem um nível profissional de português.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
This user helps translating MediaWiki.
This user helped translating wikia.
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Open Images.
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Etherpad lite.
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  • How to encode variants (sampadjud/badiu/others)? Perhaps LanguageConverter could be used.
    • I need to dig a bit into how the extension works. Some questions:
      • Is the conversion automatic, only requiring the selection of the language variant in the UI?
      • In does it require special markup for kicking in, or is it on by default and markup is only needed for exceptions?
      • Can editors write in any variant? Should each page be written in a single variant, or can there be content in different variants in the same page?
      • Does it support multi-word expressions for slight grammar adjustments, or is it based on simple character/word replacements?
      • Testing this for Portuguese may offer valuable insights and answers to the above questions. See phab:T28121.
    • There's already a JavaScript gadget that could be adapted to test out the functionality: wikipedia:pt:Wikipédia:Conversor de idiomas


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