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ابزار واژه‌گزینی آزمایشی009:39, 14 April 2022
سلام201:02, 4 June 2016
Jinnish (cjy) Language Support712:17, 21 August 2015
مشکل ترجمه221:28, 19 July 2015
Re: CLDR121:17, 28 May 2015
Plural and singluar for Tunisian720:47, 29 April 2015
aeb-Latn and aeb-Arab421:20, 25 April 2015
برچسب جمع را برندارید602:58, 30 September 2012
ویزارد یا جادوگر313:29, 22 September 2011
Request for comments017:11, 23 January 2011
پست الکترونیک301:25, 19 January 2011
Welcome to translatewiki.net!008:22, 17 November 2010

ابزار واژه‌گزینی آزمایشی

درود، ابزار جدیدی به صورت آزمایشی در ویکی‌ترجمه در قسمت ابزارها وجود دارد؛ این ابزار که ابزار واژه‌گزینی (Terminology gadget) نام دارد و نیاز به فارسی‌سازی دارد از کاربران درخواست دارم در ترجمه و بازینی و آزمایش آن مشارکت کنند، جهت آشنایی بیشتر به این صفحه مراجعه کنید. برای فعال‌سازی این ابزار به قسمت ترجیحات و سربرگ ابزارها بروید سپس در زیربخش آزمایشی، تیک ابزار (BETA Terminology gadget – a way to keep terminology consistent in a language.) را بزنید.
همچنین برای مشاهدهٔ ترجمه‌ها و تعاریف اصطلاحاتی که به وسیلهٔ این ابزار ایجاد شده به این صفحه مراجعه کنید. ممنون

Mohammad ebz (talk)09:16, 14 April 2022

سلام اميدوارم صحتمند و خوب باشيد

يک چند روز پيش شما برايم نامه فرستاده بودید و از بنده خواسته ايد تا با شما در تماس باشم. اينک برايتان از طريق ويبسايت translatewiki.net نامه ميفرستم.

من در خدمتم. هر نوع کومک که از دستم ميشود دريغ نه خواهم کرد.

با احترام


Ahmed-Najib-Biabani-Ibrahimkhel (talk)22:10, 31 May 2016

سلام، ممنون که جواب دادید، اگر امکان دارد یه اایمیل برای من بفرستید تا آدرس ایمیل شما رو داشته باشم بتونم با شما راحت تر مکاتبه کنم، ممنون.

Mjbmr (talk)06:36, 1 June 2016

شما ميتوانيد به بنده به اين ادرس ايميل بفرستېد. Pashtowikipedia@gmail.com تشکر

Ahmed-Najib-Biabani-Ibrahimkhel (talk)01:02, 4 June 2016

Jinnish (cjy) Language Support

Hi Mjbmr,

Thank you so much for taking care of opening the support for Jinnish.

I've seen that the project on gerrit is in "Merged" status, and my request on Support is labeled as "Done". Do these signs mean that the request has been approved? Also, I've seen all 晉語, 晉語(正字), and 晋语(简化字)can be found at the menu of preference. But there are some questions I couldn't figure out.

Firstly, I cannot find any of cjy, cjy-hant, and cjy-hans from the "Translate to" menu at the translate tool page. I can find the page to start translation to Jinnish via another detour way by going to the statistics of cjy-hant first, then click "recent translations", and then change the message group. But the language names just don't show up on the "Translate to" menu.

Another thing is that if I somehow get to the translation tool page for cjy, the page says:

Translations to this language in this group have been disabled. Reason:

This language code should remain unused. Localise in cjy-hant please.

So my question is whether we have to work on one of cjy-hant and cjy-hans (the variants), but not on cjy (on the language generally)? Taking the reference from Gan language. They have 贛語(gan) and 赣语(简体)(gan-hans) at the menu of "Translate to". And I think by choosing the option of 贛語, it would mean using 贛語(繁體), namely gan-hant variant by default. I think this is closer to the way we prefer.

If the way I prefer and suggest is just what you are going to make, but just need some time, then please forgive my bothering.

Thanks a lot again for all your help!

Pleiades486 (talk)22:27, 24 June 2015

Hi, no worries, per new policy, we don't allow using main langugae code so you have to either translate into cjy-hant or cjy-hans, the "Translation tool" links, all are on Portal:Cjy, you can directly access to them using following links:

It seems you've already done translation for cjy-hant, gook luck! We will set cjy to cjy-hant when these requirements are done. Don't worry about anything else.

Mjbmr (talk)23:09, 24 June 2015


So once you set cjy to cjy-hant, we then can select cjy as using cjy-hant, just like what Gan has been done?

And what do these requirements really mean? Looks like we need to "eliminate" the untranslated numbers listed in each item. Is my understanding correct? And what's the criteria for the completeness?

Pleiades486 (talk)16:46, 25 June 2015

Hi, sorry for the delay, yes and yes, you're all corrent, these translations are required to add Jinyu language in MediaWiki, and having Jinyu language in MediaWiki is required for Jinyu Wikipedia.

Mjbmr (talk)07:44, 27 June 2015

Sorry for being away from this conversation for a while but coming back again. ; ) I found a problem and need your help.

The displayed autonyms for cjy-hant and cjy-hans show different parentheses on the left hand side and the right hand side of the word--A Chinese left parenthesis and a Latin/English right parenthesis. As I copy here:



This look a little awful.

Then I discussed with my collaborators for which kind of parentheses we prefer. And we came to agree to use Latin/English style of parentheses.

So could you please change them to




Thank you so much!

Pleiades486 (talk)06:31, 11 August 2015

Latin parentheses were replaced with full width parentheses.

Mjbmr (talk)20:27, 19 August 2015

مشکل ترجمه

سلام دوست عزیزو گرامی ! یک لطف کنید ببینید که چرا ترجمه برای بلوچی غربی مقدور نیست، من هرچه کوشش کردم نتوانستم چیزی بفهمم، جهانی سپاس

Ibrahim khashrowdi (talk)17:29, 7 July 2015

هنوز هم برای شما مشکل وجود داره؟

Mjbmr (talk)17:25, 17 July 2015

سالم باشید ، حالا مشکل حل شده یک جهان تشکر

Ibrahim khashrowdi (talk)21:28, 19 July 2015

Hi, for the CLDR account, thanks for the interest. I tried to create you an account but I can't because you already have one as guest. Can you clarify what you need a Wikimedia account for (e.g. whether you need more votes and for what items) and for what languages? Then I can write the admins.

Nemo (talk)20:45, 28 May 2015

Hi, I sent the information for you through email.

Mjbmr (talk)21:17, 28 May 2015

Plural and singluar for Tunisian

Hello, I'm having a small problem, I'm trying to make the translation respects Tunisian plural but I can't. I hope you can help me. For example, This page has been accessed $1 times. is translated to: Hel-pâj dexlûlhe marra/marrtîn/3-10 marrât/11-19 n-marra/20-... marra or, 11-19 can be merged with 20-...(which is easier, and not a problem) How can we do that?
Marra: once; Marrtîn: twice; .. Marrât: .. Times; .. Marra:.. Times;

GeekEmad (talk)19:55, 28 April 2015
Edited by author.
Last edit: 11:32, 29 April 2015

Hi, I can suggest you this: Hel-pâj dexlûlhe {{#ifexpr: $1 = 1 | marra | {{#ifexpr: $1 = 2 | marrtîn | {{#ifexpr: $1 > 2 and $1 < 11 | marrât | {{#ifexpr: $1 > 10 and $1 < 20 | n-marra | {{#ifexpr: $1 > 19 | marra }} }} }} }} }}.

Mjbmr (talk)20:28, 28 April 2015

Could you please use aeb-latn code instead of aeb in the translation in Latin script?

Mjbmr (talk)20:36, 28 April 2015

Yeah, that's what we are doing.

GeekEmad (talk)11:10, 29 April 2015

Thanks very much.

GeekEmad (talk)11:10, 29 April 2015

Umm.. it doesn't work. Two problems, first Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "$". and !!FUZZY!! is automatically added. [1]

GeekEmad (talk)11:19, 29 April 2015

This case of PLURAL system you're talking about is odd but my solution is good enough, of course you see a red error now becuase $1 is not a valid number, but all $1 will be replaced with correct number when mediawiki is using it. Second problem when you trying to edit it !!FUZZY!! will be added becuase I think {{PLURAL:}} was not used, you can either use it or just remove !!FUZZY!! part and save it. The other and better solution is using this: {{PLURAL:$1|marra|2=marrtîn|3=marrât|4=marrât|5=marrât|6=marrât|7=marrât|8=marrât|9=marrât|10=marrât|11=n-marra|12=n-marra|13=n-marra|14=n-marra|15=n-marra|16=n-marra|17=n-marra|18=n-marra|19=n-marra|20=marra}}.

Mjbmr (talk)11:31, 29 April 2015

Perfect. Thank you.

GeekEmad (talk)20:47, 29 April 2015

aeb-Latn and aeb-Arab

Hello, I got a notification about those changes and I want to ask why did that happen, what happened to the old translations, and how to translate Wikimedia messages to aeb-Latn now? Also, does that mean that there will be two Wikipedias and two Wiktionaries? Thanks.

GeekEmad (talk)10:43, 24 April 2015

Hi, just keep translations in Latin script in aeb-latn and Arabic script in aeb-arab, aeb is falling back to Arabic script based on Arabic script is most used. Some people here on CLDR insistence that Tunisian Arabic must only have one script and that's Arabic. But this is the only way I could go because of Amir E. Aharoni, see gerrit:204503. Also Nemo bis is insistencing that we have to keep evrything based on CLDR, see gerrit:206083 and [1]. There could be only one Tunisian project, and that's with Arabic script, unless there will be more evidence.

Mjbmr (talk)11:15, 24 April 2015

When I start translating, I can't find aeb-Latn and aeb-Arab, I can find only aeb (تونسي). By insisting on using only one script, which is Arabic, I wonder who's going to translate WikiMedia messages and who's going to make a Tunisian Wikipedia or Wiktionary? Nobody. Okay, the solution is keep translating in aeb-Latn, and we might do two things: First, get a support from a Tunisian university (announcing that Latin script made by us, and other linguists is the standard writing method for Tunisian language), or, since there is no official script for Tunisian language, we will translate as much articles as possible to Tunisian using Latin script, if -using the second choice- Latin script is still refused, we might build an independent Wikipedia for Tunisian. Nobody can stop the spread of information! And, thanks for your efforts.

GeekEmad (talk)12:46, 24 April 2015

translatewiki is not updated yet, you have to wait some days and check back if aeb-latn and aeb-arab are valid codes. keep up the good work.

Mjbmr (talk)12:49, 24 April 2015

It's up now.

Mjbmr (talk)21:20, 25 April 2015

برچسب جمع را برندارید

سلام. این‌جا شما در ترجمه برچسب PLURAL را برداشته بودید. چنین نکنید چون از نظر ترجمه ایراد دارد.

Huji (talk)11:45, 27 September 2012

سلام، از نظر من هیچ دلیلی نداره که از PLURAL استفاده کنیم، چون ما توی فارسی می‌گیم «۱ ویرایش»، «۲ ویرایش» و نمی‌گیم «ویرایش‌ها» لطفاً به جای استفاده از کلماتی همچون «چنین نکنید» با دلیل وارد صفحهٔ بحث دیگران بشید، ممنون.

Mjbmr Talk13:23, 27 September 2012

بحث عمیقی در خصوص نحوه عملکرد PLURAL در حال انجام است که توصیفش از حوصله من خارج است. اما باید از PLURAL استفاده شود، ولو آن که نحوهٔ جمع بستن فارسی با انگلیسی فرق کند.

کمترین ضرر استفاده نکردن از PLURAL آن است که افزونهٔ Translate آن را به عنوان خطای ترجمه در نظر می‌گیرد. جداً گفتم؛ چنین نکنید.

Huji (talk)22:54, 27 September 2012

اگه مشکلی در افزونه است بگید افزونه رو درست کنند، کجا بحث «عمیقی» در جریان است؟ حتماً ویکی‌پدیای فارسی؟ آقا من هیچ جا چنین پیغام خطایی ندیدم. شما حق ندارید بیایید اینجا هم منو تهدید کنید.

Mjbmr Talk10:02, 28 September 2012

بحث عمیق در باگزیلا در جریان است. افزونه را هم درست می‌کنند اما این دلیل نمی‌شود که شما ترجمه‌ها را غلط انجام بدهید.

من شما را تهدید (!!) نمی‌کنم! نمی‌فهمم از «چنین نکنید» چرا معنای تهدیدی برداشت می‌کنید. چنین نکنید یعنی «don't». همین :)

پیغام خطا را هم اگر ندیدید، از شانس خوبتان بوده.

Huji (talk)11:31, 28 September 2012
این رو پیدا کردم: Plural#Messages_not_needing_plural که نشون میده اگه هر دو مقدار یکسان باشن نیازی نیست دوبار اون رو بنویسیم، یعنی {{PLURAL:$1|ویرایش|ویرایش}} رو می‌شه به صورت {{PLURAL:$1|ویرایش}} نوشت. یه انتقاد من به ترجمه‌های شما: همیشه افعال امری نیستند، میشه به صورت مصدر ترجمه کرد به عنوان مثال میشه به جای ترجمه «Send» به «ارسال کن» اون رو به صورت «ارسال کردن» ترجمه کرد.
Mjbmr Talk16:04, 28 September 2012

ویزارد یا جادوگر

سلام کلمه جادوگر بی‌معنی هست و چون معادلی در فارسی هم ندارد بهتر است وام‌واژه باشد و همان ویزارد بماند

Reza161513:23, 22 September 2011

سلام، ما خیلی جاها توی همین ویکی‌ترجمه wizard رو به جادوگر ترجمه کردیم و همچنین کاربرد زیادی دارد

Mjbmr Talk13:25, 22 September 2011

در واژه‌نامه لینوکس جادوگر بود و چون معیار آنجا هست حرف شما درست است :)

Reza161513:28, 22 September 2011

ممنون :)

Mjbmr Talk13:29, 22 September 2011

Request for comments

Please read Localisation guidelines/Persian translatoins and comment on the talk page.

Huji17:11, 23 January 2011

پست الکترونیک

Huji20:57, 17 January 2011

If you decided to use a bot:

  1. Make sure using bots is allowed in this wiki. I don't know local policies.
  2. Make sure your bot only modifies pages with "/fa" in the end. Pages with /bcc and /maz get in the way; don't edit them.
Huji20:58, 17 January 2011

Number of them is not too much, i would like to change them manually, you can do same, thanks

Mjbmr Talk21:02, 17 January 2011
من بررسی بیشتر کردم، پست الکترونیکی با همان ی آخر لزوماً اشتباه نیست کما این که «مکانیکی» و غیره را هم داریم.
Huji01:25, 19 January 2011

Welcome to translatewiki.net!

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Hi Mjbmr. Welcome to translatewiki.net!

You can now start translating.

You should also check the portal for your language, the link is in the sidebar. Other useful pages are linked in the menu next to this message.

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We wish you a productive and pleasant stay. Please leave any questions on Support (the link is also available on any page, in the navigation sidebar). Cheers!

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