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Work in progress, just collecting links for stuff to cover/steal for now. Aim: write a (verbose and complete) history of this wiki; Project:About will stay the fully official and concise one.

General overviews to steal from:

Chronological links

In 2007 the current staff was complete (photo 2011)

Questions and todos

  • How did Gangleri find Nukawiki? [Niklas doesn't know.]
  • How did the others find it: see Sundar and, Carbidfischer, two more by email.
  • Where was the creation of mediawiki-i18n (both list and channel) discussed/decided in 2006? [Niklas doesn't remember]
  • Gangleri's October 2006–October 2007 absence[103] mentioned by SabineCretella due to personal circumstances.
  • Translate's SVN history for high level development overview.
  • Translation memory saga. Which leads to the question, what's part of TWN history? What about all the other MediaWiki/Wikimedia i18n efforts by Niklas and others (now mainly l10n team)? Probably only if they actually started from TWN and arguably made possible by TWN itself and its community knowledge: Plural, Grammar, Gender etc.? Let's be inclusive (more work!).
  • inode problem (not the same as message cache)
    • inode problem was relatively minor. It was an initial misconfiguration in the VPS setup. Siebrand 09:12, 8 September 2012 (UTC)
  • Who were the first registered users? (May ask them what they remember.) Got a list of first 49 users including 34 before the first logged one.
  • Special:Contributions/Tester1 includes edits by different users (even anonymous), has been registered after its first edit. Database hacking?
  • SPQRobin, Jon Harald Søby, Malafaya and Gerard Meijssen. SabineCretella.
  • A photo of jadesukka! (RIP 2012)
  • Links

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