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Hi Sabelöga. Welcome to!

You can now start translating.

You should also check the portal for your language, the link is in the sidebar. Other useful pages are linked in the menu next to this message.

Your translations are transferred to the standard product every few days or every few weeks, depending on the product. Please notice that it may take longer before you see your translation in the actual product.

We wish you a productive and pleasant stay. Please leave any questions on Support (the link is also available on any page, in the navigation sidebar). Cheers!

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Language menu for Ajapaik 319:09, 26 August 2022
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Swedish OpenStreetMap translations501:21, 15 October 2021
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Language menu for Ajapaik

Hello Sabelöga,

Thank you for you time translating for the Ajapaik project. I'm currently taking part in localization of Ajapaik's website. I noticed you've changed name of the Latvian language from endonym into Swedish. Would it be possible for you to use endonyms for the language menu as it is the developers stance?


YuliaVo (talk)16:52, 17 June 2022

What do you mean? If the endonyms should always be used then the translation units are unused and superfluous. So why even make them translatable? Am I missing something here or is this really necessary?

Sabelöga (talk)01:05, 18 June 2022

Yes, you're right. The endonyms should be hard coded. But they are not now.

The Ajapaik project is a non-profit and things are not fast. Maybe they hard code them in nearest future. Maybe it's not a priority right now.

The thing is that developer has a vision of how it would be suitable for them. I like the idea behind this project and devote some of my time to its localization. I would like to help Ajapaik be fully localized and do what I can with the tools that I have.

I'm just translating developers' stance and it's up to the translator to follow this stance or to do things in a way they think it's better.

YuliaVo (talk)18:56, 26 August 2022

Also I disagree here, because Ajapaik has been translated in many language to translate language names, and this has been done in almost all target translation languages by not using the endonym/autonym (note that Ajapaik is not using the Medawiki parser for its messages, so it does not have the support of Mediawiki's #language; it may have. It may eventually have support for CLDR, but if its requires translaing these language names, it is because it does not feature any other i18n support library for these names, just for a few messages.

If you think that some messages should always use the autonym/endonym, and this is not documented like this, these should be translated and not left as endonyms/autonyms; but you can still send a support request (on the contact support link) to ask to its developers if that message is really needed to be translated. But endonyms should not be used if the language name is not used in isolation (e.g. as items in an unordered list of languages) but part of translated sentence containing some other words. Whever a translated message will be used or not in the target application is not something that we can decide here, it's up to the application developper to manage their list of useful messages to be translated.

Verdy p (talk)04:41, 18 June 2022

One message !

Sabelöga, may I ask you your help ? SignIt `sv` still has one single message to translate. Could you help there ? Yug (talk) 08:47, 18 August 2022 (UTC)

Yug (talk)08:47, 18 August 2022

Done! :)

Sabelöga (talk)10:16, 18 August 2022

Swedish OpenStreetMap translations

Thank you for taking a look at the Swedish OpenStreetMap translations. If you need any additional information for translating, be sure to look in the right/top panel for descriptions. Otherwise, try searching on the OpenStreetMap Wiki (or get in touch with the OpenStreetMap community).

Danieldegroot2 (talk)08:50, 11 October 2021

Will do :)

Sabelöga (talk)14:53, 11 October 2021

I had translated "preferences" and "user preferences" differently from "settings". This is because there is a difference and they appear together when you click on your name in the top right of the website when logged in.

  • My Dashboard (shows friends and nearby contributors)
  • My Messages (your in- and outgoing private messages)
  • My Profile (which has a button "edit profile" to allow you to change your description, picture and home location.)
  • My Settings (allows changing name, e-mail, password, authentication, contribution, terms of use)
  • My Preferences (allows changing language(s), editor aka the program you edit the map with when clicking on "Edit" on the website)
  • Log out (the button which logs you out)

So right now you would get two options which would both say 'Mina inställningar'.

"User preferences" is the same as "preferences"; third-party applications ask for permission to read your preferences and use them.

I understand any concern that "settings" and "preferences" are basically the same, especially in any language other than English, this concern is shared by Simon Poole in this github issue.

Danieldegroot2 (talk)14:58, 12 October 2021

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I wasn't aware of that, but yes, the best thing would be if the distinction wasn't made, but in the mean time, preferenser and inställningar will have to do.

Sabelöga (talk)15:57, 12 October 2021

Forcen and riiga (both Swedish native) came up with "Alternativ" (in the direction of 'Options') which you may or may not have also seen appear in the translation list. I used "preferenser" initially, but this is in the direction of 'taste' of food/cars/etc.. "alternativ" was better in their opinion. What do you think?

Danieldegroot2 (talk)18:51, 13 October 2021

Tja, maybe "alternativ" would work better. And if others in the community thinks it works I won't object to it. Besides "preferenser" kinda sounds like an anglicism. So yeah, change to "alternativ" if you like.

Sabelöga (talk)01:21, 15 October 2021

Hjälpa mig med Mediawiki:Growth?

Hej! Jag så att du också översatte till svenska. Skulle du vilja hjälpa mig med Mediawiki:GrowthExperiments?

Ainali (talk)20:08, 17 July 2020

Självklart :)

Sabelöga (talk)21:52, 17 July 2020

Så där ja, då har man granskat allt som redan stod där in. Ska du översätta kvarstående eller ska jag hjälpa till med det också?

Sabelöga (talk)10:22, 18 July 2020

Wow, det var snabbt jobbat! Jag tar ett svep och översätter det sista nu.

Ainali (talk)13:18, 18 July 2020

Blev avbruten, men nu är allt klart.

Ainali (talk)16:38, 18 July 2020

Så där ja, nu har jag granskat dom kvarvarande och petade lite på några av trådarna som innehöll småfel och inkonsekvenser. Har du lust att granska dom är allt klart.

Sabelöga (talk)21:38, 18 July 2020