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This page is a translated version of the page Translating:Statistics and the translation is 94% complete.
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This is ae collection o links til information n stateestics anaet

The primarie soorces o stats ar gien bi three byordiair pages in the Owerset extension:

Stateestics aneat leids

Oan portal pages we hae:

  • Leet o owerseters.
  • Map o owerseters that speak that leid.
  • Graph o recynt owersetin acteevitie.
  • Link tae see recynt owersetins in that leid.
  • Ither information aneat that leid n owerseter resoorces.

Fer ae leet o portal pages see categerie Lieds.

Stateestics aneat projects

Project owersetin stateestics ar updated in real time at Special:MessageGroupStats. Oan that page ye can see the compleetion percentage o owersets intil ilka leid fer ae chosen project. Oan ilka project page ye can fynd:

  • Airt tae see recynt owersets fer that waurk.
  • Compleation percentage stateestics fer past product releases (gif appleecable).
  • Compleation percentage fer onie day in the histerie.
  • Graph o recynt owersetin acteevitie.
  • Map o owerseters that'v owerset that waurk n gien thair location.

Fer ae leet o waurk pages see waurk leet, or the categerie o supported waurks.

Stateestics aneat uisers

Stateestics aneat