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This page is a translated version of the page Translating:Statistics and the translation is 47% complete.

هي ٽرانسليٽ وڪي ڊاٽ نيٽ بابت معلومات ۽ انگن اکرن جي ڳنڍڻن جو مجموعو آهي.

The primary sources of stats are provided by three special pages in the Translate extension:

ٻولين بابت انگ-اکر

پورٽل صفحن تي اسان وٽ آهي:

  • List of translators.
  • Map of translators who speak that language.
  • Graph of recent translation activity.
  • Link to view recent translations in that language.
  • Other information about that language and translator resources.

باب صفحن جي فھرست ڏسو زمرو ٻوليون.

رٿائن بابت انگ-اکر

Project translation statistics are updated real time at Special:MessageGroupStats. On that page you can see the completion percentage of translations into each language for a chosen project. On each project page you can find:

  • Link to view recent translations for that project.
  • Completion percentage statistics for past product releases (if applicable).
  • Completion percentage for any day in the history.
  • Graph of recent translation activity.
  • Map of translators who have translated that project and provided their location.

For a list of project pages see project list, or the category of supported projects.

واپرائيندڙن بابت انگ-اکر بابت انگ-اکر