Project:Privacie policie

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General scope

This policie covers personlie identeefiable information collected or stored bi oan its servers in relation til the waurk n its communitie. collects n retains the least amoont o personlie identifiable information needed tae fufil the waurks' operational needs.

The publeec n collaborateeve natur o the waurks is collaberateevelie deveelooped bi its uisers uising the MediaWiki saffware. Oniebodie that's been graunit eedit permeessions can eedit the eeditable pages o this steid while loggit in aes ae registerit uiser. Bi daein this, eediters cræft ae publeeshed document, n ae publeec record o ilka waird eikit, taen awa, or chynged. This is ae publeec act, n eediters ar identeefied publeeclie aes the writer o aw o thir chynges. Aw contreebutions makit til this waurk, n aw publeeclie available information aneat thir contreebutions, ar onrevocablie licensed n can be freelie capied, quotit, reuised n adaptit bi third pairties wi few restreections.

Acteevities oan

In general, this Policie yinlie applies til private information stored or heeld bi, n this isna publeeclie available.

Interactions wi na covert bi this Policie incluid, bit ar na leemitit til, aspects o brousin n eeditin pages, uiss o the wiki "e-mail this uiser" function. Thir interactions micht reveal ae contreebuter's IP address, n possiblie ither personal information, ondiscreeminatelie til the general publeec, or til speceefic groops o volunters actin independentlie o

Uisers can interact wi yin anither ootside o ava, bi wa o wab-mail, IRC or ither tauk, or independent wabsites, n shid assess the risks involved, n thair personal need fer preevacie, afore uisin thir methyds o communication.

Uiser accoonts n authership needs eediters tae register wi its wabsite, thoogh some pages can be eedited wioot loggin in wi ae uisername, in this case thay'll be identeefied bi network IP address. Uisers that dae register ar identeefied bi thair chosen uisername. Uisers select ae passwaird, this bein confeedential n uised tae verifie the integritie o thair accoont. Except insofar aes it micht be needed bi law, naw person shid disclaise, or knowinlie expose, either uiser passwairds n/or cookies generated tae identifie ae uiser. Yince cræftit, uiser accoonts'll naw be remuived, onless thaur's obveeoos maleecioos intent, aes is tae be judged bi staff. It micht be possible fer ae uisername tae be chynged. disna guarantee that ae uisername will be chynged oan request.

Purpose o the collection o private information limits the collection o personlie identifiable uiser data til purposes that serve the weel-bein o its waurks, incluidin but naw limited til the follaein:

  • Tae enhance the publeec accoontabeelitie o the waurk. recognizes that onie system that's apen enooch tae permit the muckklest possible pairteecipation o the general publeec will be vulnerable til certain kynds o abuiss n coonterproducteeve behavier ava. haes estableeshed ae nummer o mechaneesms tae hinder or remedie abiusseeve acteevities. Fer example, whan investigatin abuiss oan the waurk, incluidin the suspected uiss o maleecioos “sockpuppets” (duplicate accoonts), vandaleesm, harassment o ither uisers, or disrupteeve behavier, the IP addresses o uisers (derived either fae thae logs or fae records in the database) can be uised tae identeefie the soorce(s) o the abuisseeve behavier. This information micht be shaired bi uisers wi admeenistrateeve authoritie that ar charged wi protectin the waurks.
  • Tae provide site stateestics. stateesticlie samples raw log data fae uisers' veesits. Thir logs ar uised tae cræft site stateestics pages; the raw log data isna makit publeec.
  • Tae solve technical problems. Log data can be examined bi deveeloopers in the solvin o techneecal problems n in trackin doon badlie-behaved wab spiders that owerwhelm the site. can laid resoorces like JavaScript fae external servers, n this micht affect uiser preevacie (fer example Google Adwairds or owersetin hints). It is the ineeshiteeve o the uiser tae aviod exposin onwanted details cause o laidin resoorces fae external servers.

Details o data retention

General expectations

IP address n ither techneecal information

Whan ae veesiter requests or reads ae page, nae mair information is collected than is tipiclie collected bi wab sites. micht keep raw logs o sic transactions, but thir'll no be published.
Whan ae page is eidited bi ae loggit-in eiditor, the server confidentialie stores relatit IP address information fer ae limited amoont o time. This information is autæmateecalie delytit efter ae set time. Fer eiditers that dinna log in, the IP address uised is publeeclie n permanentlie creedited aes the auther o the eidit. It micht be possible fer ae third pairtie tae identifie the auther fae this IP address in addeetion til ither information available. Loggin in wi ae registert uisername permits better preservation o preevacie.


The site sets ae temperie session cookie oan ae veesiter's computer whanever ae page is veesited. Readers that dinna intend tae log in or eidit can baur this cookie; it will be delytit at the end o the brouser's session. Mai cookies can be set whan ye log in tae maintain logged-in status. Gif ye hain ae uiser name or passwaird in ye'r brouser, that information will be hained fer up til 30 days, n this information will be resent til the server oan ilka veesit til this waurk. Contreebuters uisin ae publeec machine that dinna wish tae shaw thair uisername til futur uisers o the machine shid clear thir cookies efter uiss.

Page histerie

Eidits or ither contreebutions til the waurk oan owersets, uiser pages, tauk pages n ither pages ar generalie retained ferever. Remuivin tex fae the waurk disna delyte it fer guid. Normallie oniebodie can luik at aen aulder version o ae page n see whit wis thaur. Even gif aen airticle is "delytit", ae uiser entrusted wi ae heier level o access can still see whit wis remuived fae public sicht. Information can be permanentlie delytit bi indiveeduals wi access til, but aside fae the rare circumstance whan is needed tae delyte eiditin-histerie material in response til ae coort order or equeevalent legal process, thaur's naw guarantee onie permanent delytion will happen.

Uiser contreebutions

Uiser contreebutions ar aggregated n publiclie available ava. Uiser contreebutions ar aggregated accordin til thair registration n login status. Data oan uiser contreebutions, like the times that uisers eedited n the nummer o eedits thay'v makit, ar publeeclie available bi wa o uiser contreebution leets, n in aggregated forms published bi ither uisers.
Readin waurks
Nae mair information oan uisers n ither veesiters readin pages is collected than is teepiclie collected in server logs bi wab sites. Aside fae the abuin raw log data collected fer general purposes, page veesits dinna expose ae veesiter's identitie publeeclie. Sampled raw log data can inclæde the IP address o onie uiser, but it's no reproduced publeeclie.
Eiditin waurks
Eidits til pages ar identified wi the uisername or netwark IP address o the eiditer, n eiditin histerie is aggregated bi auther in ae contreebution leet. This information will be available permanentlie.
Loggit in registered uisers:
Loggit in uisers dinna expose thair IP address til the publeec except in cases o abuiss, inclædin vandaleesm o ae wiki page bi the uiser or bi anither uiser wi the same IP address. Ae uiser's IP address is stored oan the servers fer ae length o time, n can be seen bi server admeenistraters n bi uisers that hae been granted CheckUiser access.
IP address information, n its connection til onie uisernames that shair it, can be released unner certain circumstances (see ablo).
Eiditers uisin ae companie mail server fae hame or telecommutin ower ae DSL or cable Internet connection, ar likelie tae be easie tae identifie bi thair IP address; in that case it can be easie tae cross-identifie aw contreebutions til the waurk makit bi that IP address. Uisin ae uisername is ae better wa o keepin yer privacy in this situation.
Onloggit-in registered uisers n onregistered uisers:
Eiditers that'v no loggit in can be identified bi netwark IP address. Dependin oan ye'r connection, this IP address can be traceable til ae muckle Internet service provider or mair speceeficlie til ae schuil, place o business or hame. It micht be possible tae uise this information in combination wi ither information, inclædin eiditin style n preferences, tae identifie aen auther compleatelie.
Oan wiki discussion pages:
Onie eiditable page can theoreteeclie be the location o ae discussion. In general, discussions oan occur oan uiser tauk pages (associated wi particular uisers), oan supported waurk tauk pages (associated wi parteecular supported waurks) or in pages speciallie designated tae function aes forums (e.g., the Support page). Preevacie expectations applie til discussion pages in the same wa aes oiewhaur else.
Bi wa o wab-mail:
Uisers dinna need tae leet ae wab-mail address whan reegisterin. Uisers that provide ae valid wab-mail address can enable ither loggit-in uisers tae send wab-mail til thaim through the wiki. Whan receevin ae wab-mail fae ither uisers through this system, ye'r wab-mail address is naw revealed til thaim. Whan chuisin tae send ae wab-mail til ither uisers, yer wab-mail is displeyed aes the sender.
The wab-mail address pit intil yer uiser preeferences can be uised bi fer communication. Uisers whase accoonts that dinna hae ae valid wab-mail address will na be able tae reset thair passwaird gif it's tint. In this situation, houever, uisers micht be able tae contact yin o the server admeenistraters tae enter ae new wab-mail address. Ae uiser can remuiv the accoont's wab-mail address fae his preeferences at onie time tae hinder it fae bein uised. Private correspondence atween uisers can be hained at thae uisers' discreetion n isna owerganged bi policie.
Oan IRC:
IRC channels ar naw offeeciallie pairt o n ar naw operated oan controwed servers. The IP address o uisers that tauk ower onie sic service can be exposed til ither parteecipants. IRC uisers' preevacie oan ilka channel can yinlie be protected accordin til the policies o the respecteeve service n channel. Differant channels hae differant policies oan whether logs can be published.

Access til n release o personlie identifiable information


The waurk is primairalie rin bi volunteer contreebuters. Some dedicated uisers ar gien preevileged access. Fer exaumple, uiser access levels tae ar determined bi the uiser's presence in vareeis "supportit waurks". Uiser groop richts n groop memmers ar reachable fae the publeec.

Ither uisers that can hae access til private identifiable information inclæde, but ar no limited til, uisers that hae access til the CheckUiser function, employees, appointees, n contracters n agents employed bi operaters, n deveeloopers n ithers wi hei levels o server access.

Shairin information wi ither preevileged uisers is naw considered "distreebution."

Release: Policie oan Release o Data

It is the policie o that personlie identifiable data collected in the server logs, or through records in the database bi wa o the CheckUiser featur, or through ither no-publiclie-available methyds, can be released bi volunteers or staff, in onie o the follaein situations:

  1. In response til ae valid subpoena or ither compulserie request fae law enforcement,
  2. Wi the permission o the affected uiser,
  3. Whan necessarie fer investeegation o abuiss complaints,
  4. Whaur the information pertains til page views generated bi ae spider or bot n its dissemination is necessarie tae illustrate or resolve technical issues,
  5. Whaur the uiser haes been vandalizin pages or perseestentlie behavin in ae disrupteeve wa, data can be released til ae service provider, carrier, or ither third-pairtie entitie tae heelp in the tairgetin o IP blocks, or tae heelp in the cræfting o ae complaint til relevant Internet Service Providers,
  6. Whaur it's reasonablie necessarie tae protect the richts, propertie or safetie o, its uisers or the publeec.

Except aes described abuin, policy disna permit distreebution o personlie identifiable information unner onie circumstances.

Third-pairty access n notifiein registered uisers whan receivin legal process:

Aes ae general principle, the access til, n retention o, personlie identifiable data in aw waurks shid be aes smaa aes posseeble, n shid be uised yinlie internallie tae serve the weel-bein o the waurk. Occasionlie, houever, micht receive ae subpoena or ither compulserie request fae ae law-enforcement agencie or ae coort or equivalent goernment bodie that requests the disclaisure o information aneat ae registered uiser, n can be compelled bi law tae complie wi the request. In the event o sic ae legallie compulserie request, will attempt tae notifie the affected uiser wiin three business days efter the arrival o said subpoena bi sendin waird bi wab-mail til the wab-mail address (gif onie) that the affected uiser haes leeted in his or her uiser preeeferences. canna advise ae uiser receevin sic aen anooncemant regairdin the law or aen appropreeate response til ae subpoena. dis ken, houever, that sic uisers micht hae the legal richt tae reseest or leemit that information in coort bi filin ae motion tae quash the subpoena. Uisers that wish tae oppose ae subpoena or ither compulserie request shid seek legal advice aneat appleecable richts n procedures that micht be available.

Gif receeves ae coort-filed motion tae quash or itherwise limit the subpoena aes ae result o aiction bi ae uiser or thair lawyer, will no disclaise the requested information ontil receeves aen order fae the coort tae dae sae.

Registered uisers'r no needed tae provide ae wab-mail address. Houever, whan aen affected registered uiser disna gie ae wab-mail address, canna tell the affected uiser in private wab-mail messages whan it receeves requests fae law enforcement tae disclose personlie identifiable information aneatt the uiser.

Disclaimer trues that maintainin n preservin the preevacie o uiser data is aen important value. This Preevacie Policie n actions bi, represents ae commeetted effort tae safeguaird the securitie o the limited uiser information that's collected n retained oan oor servers. Nanetheless, canna guarantee that uiser information will remain preevate. We acknowledge that, in spite o oor commeetit effort tae protect preevate uiser information, determined indiveeduals can still deveeloop data-minin n ither methyds tae oncover sic information n disclaise it. Fer this raison, can mak naw guarantee again onpermited access til information gien in the coorse o parteecipatin in waurks or relatit communities.

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