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This page is a translated version of the page Translating:Offline and the translation is 56% complete.
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Aquò es una pagina d'ajuda per los que vòlon trabalhar sus de traduccions fòra linha.

In Special:Translate you can export a message group to a .po/gettext file, and work on that offline. You can upload or import your translations if you have "offline translator rights" (you can make a request for those after you have proven to be a reliable online translator). For first time submissions, please compress your gettext file and e-mail it to "translatewiki AT translatewiki DOT net" referencing your user name. Your first submission will be imported by a staff member.

For other technical suggestions, warnings and notes about usage of the offline translation feature, please see the documentation.

Clicking a link below will show you a form for file download. This file has a UTF-8 encoding. Select the format for offline translation.

Los ligams çaisús son adaptats a MediaWiki. Sus Special:LanguageStats, podètz anar dins quin grop que siá, e i seleccionar « Export » puèi « Export for off-line translation » per exportar cap a gettext.

Ligams internet cap a de ressorsas addicionalas