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This is ae help page fer uisers that want tae wairk oan owersetss affline.

In Special:Owerset ye can export ae message groop tae ae .po/gettext file, n wark oan that affline. Ye can uplaid or import yer owersets gif ye'v "affline owerseter richts" (ye can speir fer thae efter ye'v proven tae be ae reliable oanline owerseter). Fer first time submeessions, please compress yer gettext file n e-mail it to "translatewiki AT translatewiki DOT net" referencing yer translatewiki.net user name. Yer first submeession will be importit bi ae staff memmer.

Fer ither technical suggestions, warnishments n myndins aneat uisage o the affline owersetin feature, please see the documentation.

Clapin oan aen airtin ablo will gie ye ae .po/gettext file dounlaid fer yer leid as set in Special:Preferences. This file haes as UTF-8 encodin.

The abuin airtins ar tailored tae MediaWiki. Oan Special:LanguageStats ye can gae tae onie groop, n select there "Export" then select "Export for off-line translation" tae export tae gettext.

Wabairtins tae addeetional resources