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Outdated translations are marked like this. is ae localisation platform fer owersetin communities, leid communities, n free n apen soorce waurks. It stairted oot wi localisation fer MediaWiki. Later. support wis eikit fer MediaWiki extensions, FreeCol n ither free n apen soorce waurks. See the compleate leet o supported waurks. isna pairt o the Wikimedia Foondation waurks, or o onie foondation or apen soorce waurk. It's rin bi Nike n Siebrand, wha ar baith deveeloopers n hae conseederable experience in i18n n L10n, n ither staff memmers ava. The owersetin functionalitie is gien bi the MediaWiki extension Owerset. This wiki aye contains experimental code, n micht be broken nou n than. Please be patient, problems ar uisuallie dealt wi quicklie. Issues can be reported at the support page.

Why uise

  • The best owersetin tuil available oan the wab. Aw localisation updates happen oan aen easie interface, n thaur ar fawk aroond that can heelp owerseters. Whan makin aen owerset, hints tae unnerstaund its correct meanin n uise ar gien, aes weel aes suggestions fae owersetin memerie/machine owersetin services.
  • Naw parteecular preevileges needed, awbodie can contreebute. Awbodie that can contreebute in ae leid (see ablo) is permited tae heelp wi the localisation o that leid.
  • Keepin track o chynges is easie. Onowerset messages arna the Yinlie easilie foond: whanever the soorce tex chynges, the affected owersets ar tagged fer easie identifeecation. Owerseters dinna hae tae spend time diggin fer whit needs daein.

Enable yer saffware project oan gif it's no yet.

Luikower o methyd

  • Oan owerseters owerset the interface o safware fer products whaur the Ingils tex strings hae been isolated fae the code n hae been organized intil indiveedual "messages".
  • Whan ae new waurk joins, the Ingils soorce messages ar imported. Further new Ingils messages ar imported fae time til time.
  • Sub-pages named /qqq ar uised fer message documentation. The documentation is written manualie n is uisualie o better qualitie whaur guid communication exeests wi the oreeginal saffware deveelooper team. Gif soorce code comments ar pairt o ae saffware waurk, thir ar displeyed in the owersetin interface ava.
  • Owerseters mak suggestions tae impruiv or correct aen oreeginal Ingils message, or adapt it tae support localisation. Gif agreed, thir ar implemented either bi memmers that ar deveeloopers oan the reelevant waurk ava, or reported til the waurk deveeloopers.
  • Compleated owersets fer ilka leid ar "commeetted" til the projects bi staff, aes suin aes the total nummer o owersets fer ae project in that leid haes passed the threshaud agreed fer that project. Fer frequencie o committin n threshauds see the waurk pages.
  • The saffware release o owersets that hae been commeetted til ae project is controlled n executed bi the project admeenistraters n is oot o the hauns o

Copiericht n disclaimers


Uise the owersets in at yer ain risk. Thay'r intended tae be uisefu but canna guarantee the valeeditie o the content foond here. n its eiditers dina provide onie warrantie oan the contents whitsaeever, whither expressed, implied, or statutair, inclædin, but no limited til, onie warrantie o merchantabeelitie or fitness fer ae parteecular purpose or onie warrantie that the contents will be mistak-free.

Owersets bi owerseters ar licensed CC-BY 3.0, n dereevateeve warks can foreby be licensed unner the licenses o the respecteeve Free n Apen Soorce waurks the owersets hae been or will be eikit til. Content o uiser pages ar conseedered tae be "Aw richts is hained" bi the auther. Aw ither content is licensed CC-BY 3.0 onless ae differant license or copiericht is statit expleecitlie.

Histerie stairted durin 2006 aes ae test wiki, deveelooped bi Nike, in collaboration wi Gangleri, aes aen internationalisation tuil fer the localisation o the MediaWiki saffware. It stairted unner the name Betawiki, n this became at the stairt o 2009, follaein the site being muived til virtual server hostin unner its ain domain name, oan 9th November 2007. Bi October 2007 wis contreebuting til localisation in aboot 70 leids, n this bi Juin 2010 had grawn til 329 lieds. Hou the nummer o leids haes grawn is veesible in the buird o owersetin milestanes passed fer MediaWiki. Bi Januair 2010 aen upgrade wis needed til the server capacitie, tae cope wi the increase in acteevitie. Netcup haes generooslie hosted sin November 2007.

Ither free n apen soorce waurks hae graduallie been eikit til, stairtin wi FreeCol in August 2007. Bi Juin 2010 the nummer o waurks supportit had grawn til 16.

Contreebuters til ar aw volunteers, except fer yin staff memmer wha receeves fundin fer pairt o his time (see fundin ablo). Deveeloopers, admeenistraters n owerseters were at first recruited fae MediaWiki waurks, especiallie Wikimedia. Maist o oor contreebuters still arrive here bi wa o MediaWiki, but wi mair projects arrivin aw the time, MediaWiki isna the yinlie soorce o contreebuters onie langer. Bi Juin 2010, the nummer o registered owerseters wis 1,860.

In collaboration wi Stichtin Apen Progress n FUDforum, haes arranged several owersetin rallies wi boonties fer owersetsers available, tae impruiv the localisation o MediaWiki n FUDforum.

The aims o ar described oan the Introduction. Techneelogeecal aids fer owerseters ar described oan the Technologie page. Thir aids ar continuallie bein expandit n impruived apo in order tae mak the owersetin wairk aes effeecient aes possible. The nou site needs n deveeloopment ar described oan Issues n features.


  • is kyndlie hosted bi Netcup – wabspace n vServer, at thair expense sin November 2007, wi upgrades in Febuair 2008, Januair 2010 n October 2013.
  • Stichtin Apen Progress n ithers hae fae time til time organized fundin fer owersetin rallies tae impruiv the localisation o MediaWiki, aes explained abuin.
  • In 2012 the Wikimedia Foundation Language team worked on a project called Translation UX in which the main page and our translation interface were replaced by modern, professionally designed and user tested versions.
  • Niklas Laxström and Siebrand Mazeland are or have been working for the Wikimedia Foundation and have contributed to during their work time.

Fawk ahint

Core team

Core team memmers ar involved awmaist dailie rinnin Thay hae access til the servers ava, n ar responseeble fer makin things rin wi aes few problems aes possible. Fer mair information please consult thair indiveedual uiser pages.

We thank the following individuals for their significant contributions:

Niklas Laxström
Foonder, maistlie deveeloopment wark
Siebrand Mazeland
Communitie manager, waurk coordinater, deveelooper
Raimond Spekking
Owersetin committer fer MediaWiki, deveelooper

We forby depend oan the wark dun bi ither memmers o oor communitie:

  • Gangleriearlie veesionair, naw langer acteeve
  • GerardMAmbassater, publeecitie uisin direct contact, blogs, StatusNet, Twitter
  • Aw contacts in indiveedual waurks
  • Aw owerseters n ither memmers o this waurk

Contact us

Ye can lea ae message oan oor main discussion page at Support. Gif ye prefer live discussion than gie oor IRC channel ae luikower #mediawiki-i18n at freenode. Naw preferred, but gif needed fer securitie or privacie raisons, ye can uise wab-mail aes ae methyd o contact at "translatewiki AT translatewiki DOT net" - replace "AT" wi "@" n "DOT" wi ".", n remuiv spaces fae the wab-mail address ava.

  • Ye can discuss issues aneat ae parteecular leid wi its owerseters oan the tauk page o the leid portal.
  • Ye can discuss issues aneat ae parteecular waurk wi its supporters n the deveelooper liaison oan the tauk page o the waurk page.
  • Ye can discuss issues wi indiveedual uisers oan thair uiser tauk page, or bi wab-mail (clap oan the wab-mail link in the sidebaur oan ae uiser page), gif they hae chosen tae permit wab-mail.