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This page is a translated version of the page Project:About and the translation is 54% complete.
Torchlight kopete.png זו קהילת תרגום ופלטפורמה לתרגום לטובת מיזמים חופשיים ובקוד פתוח. החלה כמערכת תרגום למדיה־ויקי. מאוחר יותר נוספה תמיכה בהרחבות של מדיה־ויקי, FreeCol ומיזמי קוד פתוח חופשיים נוספים. ניתן לעיין ברשימת המיזמים הנתמכים המלאה. is an independent open source project. The translation functionality is provided by the MediaWiki extension Translate. This wiki always contains experimental code, and may be broken occasionally. Please be patient, problems are usually dealt with quickly. Issues can be reported at the support page.

למה להשתמש ב־

  • The best translation tool available on the web. All localisation updates happen on an easy interface, and there are people around who can help translators. When making a translation, hints to understand its correct meaning and use are provided, as well as suggestions from translation memory/machine translation services.
  • No particular privileges required, everyone can contribute. Everyone who can contribute in a language (see below) is allowed to help with the localisation of that language.
  • Keeping track of changes is easy. Untranslated messages are not the only easily found: whenever the source text changes, the affected translations are tagged for easy identification. Translators do not have to spend time digging what needs doing.

סקירת השיטה של

  • On translators translate the interface of software for products where the English text strings have been isolated from the code and have been organized into individual "messages".
  • When a new project joins, the English source messages are imported as well as any existing translations. New and changed English messages are imported multiple times a day.
  • Message documentation is written manually and is usually of better quality where good communication exists with the original software developer team. If source code comments are part of a software project, these are also displayed in the translation interface.
  • Translators make suggestions to improve or correct an original English message, or adapt it to support localisation. If agreed, these are either implemented by members who are also developers on the relevant project, or reported to the project developers.
  • Completed translations for each language are "committed" to the projects by staff, as soon as the total number of translations for a project in that language has passed the threshold agreed for that project. For frequency of committing and thresholds see the project page of the project in question.
  • The software release of translations which have been committed to a project is controlled and executed by the project administrators and is out of the hands of

זכויות יוצרים וכתבי ויתור

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TRANSLATEWIKI.NET לא מבטיח תקינות

השימוש בתרגומים שב־ הוא על אחריותך בלבד. התרגומים אמורים להועיל לך אך אין באפשרות להבטיח את אמינות התוכן הנמצא כאן. and its editors do not provide any warranty on the contents whatsoever, whether expressed, implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any warranty that the contents will be error-free.

Translations by translators are licensed CC BY 3.0, and derivative works may also be licensed under the licenses of the respective Free and Open Source projects the translations have been or will be added to. Content of user pages are considered to be "All rights reserved" by the author. All other content is licensed CC BY 3.0 unless a different license or copyright is stated explicitly.


MediaWiki-2020-icon.svg started during 2006 as a test wiki, developed by Niklas Laxström, in collaboration with Gangleri, as an internationalisation tool for the localisation of the MediaWiki software. It started under the name Betawiki, which became at the beginning of 2009, following the site being moved to virtual server hosting under its own domain name, on 9th November 2007. By October 2007 was contributing to localisation in around 70 languages, which by June 2010 had grown to 329 languages. How the number of languages has grown is visible in the table of translation milestones passed for MediaWiki. By January 2010 an upgrade was needed to the server capacity, to cope with the increase in activity. Netcup has generously hosted since November 2007.

Other free and open source projects have gradually been added to, starting with FreeCol in August 2007. By June 2010, the number of projects supported had grown to 16, and by December 2019, this number had grown to 46.

Most contributors to are volunteers. Developers, administrators and translators were recruited initially from MediaWiki projects, especially Wikimedia. Most of our contributors still arrive here via MediaWiki, but with more projects arriving all the time, MediaWiki is no longer the only source of contributors. By June 2010, the number of registered translators is 1,860. In June 2018, the number of registered translators is 19,000.

In collaboration with Stichting Open Progress and FUDforum, has arranged several translation rallies with bounties for translators available, to improve the localisation of MediaWiki and FUDforum.

The aims of are described on the Introduction. Technological aids to translators are described on the Technology page. These aids are continually being expanded and improved in order to make the translation work as efficient as possible. Current site needs and development are described on Phabricator.


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  • is kindly hosted by Netcup – webspace and vServer, at their expense since November 2007, with upgrades in February 2008, January 2010, October 2013, July 2015 and December 2019.
  • Stichting Open Progress and others have from time to time organized funding for translation rallies to improve the localisation of MediaWiki and others, as explained above.
  • In 2012 the Wikimedia Foundation Language team worked on a project called Translation UX in which the main page and our translation interface were replaced by modern, professionally designed and user tested versions.
  • Niklas Laxström ו־Siebrand Mazeland עבדו או עובדים בקרן ויקימדיה ותרמו ל־ במהלך עבודתם.

האנשים שמאחורי

צוות הליבה

Core team members are involved almost daily running They are responsible for making things run with as few problems as possible. For more information please see the succession plan.

אנחנו מודים לאנשים הבאים על תרומותיהם המשמעותיות:

Niklas Laxström
מייסד, כל מיני עבודות
Siebrand Mazeland
מנהל הקהילה, מתאם המיזמים, מפתח
Raimond Spekking
מגיש תרגומים למדיה־ויקי, מפתח
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אנו תלויים גם בעבודה שנעשית על ידי חברים אחרים של הקהילה שלנו:

  • Gangleri – הוגה החזון. לא פעיל עוד.
  • GerardM – שגריר, יח״צ דרך קשר ישיר, בלוגים, StatusNet, טוויטר. לא פעיל עוד.
  • כל אנשי הקשר במיזמים הפרטניים
  • כל המתרגמים ושאר החברים במיזם זה

ליצור איתנו קשר

Torchlight info.png

You can leave a message on our main discussion page at Support. If you prefer live discussion then try out our IRC channel #translatewiki on Libera.Chat. Not preferred, but if needed for security or privacy reasons, you can use the email address translatewiki(_AT_)translatewiki(_DOT_)net


  • אפשר לדון בתקלות שקשורות בשפה מסוימת מול המתרגמים בדף השיחה של שער השפה.
  • אפשר לדון בנושאים שנוגעים למיזם מסוים מול תומכיו והמפתחים המתאימים בדף השיחה של דף המיזם.
  • אפשר לדון בנושאים מול משתמשים מסוימים בדפי השיחה שלהם או בדוא״ל (בלחיצה על כפתור הדוא״ל בסרגל הצד בדף משתמש), אם האפשרות לשליחת דוא״ל הופעלה על ידי אותם המשתמשים.