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This page is a translated version of the page Project:About and the translation is 68% complete.

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Torchlight kopete.png jè 'na piattaforme de localizzazzione pe le communitate de tradutture, communitate de lènghe e pruggette libbere e a codece aperte. S'accumenzate cu 'a localizzazzione pe MediaUicchi. Cchiù tarde s'ha aggiunde 'u supporte pe le estenziune de Mediauicchi, FreeCol e otre pruggette libbere e a codece aperte. 'Ndruche l' elenghe comblete de le pruggette supportate. non g'è parte de le pruggette de Wikimedia Foundation, e nemmanghe de nisciuna fondazione o proggette a codece aperte. Jè gestite da Nike e Siebrand, ca sò tutte e doje de le sveluppature e onne 'na certe esperienze cu i18n and L10n, cumme a otre membre d'u staff. 'A funzione de traduzione jè date da l'estenzione Traduzione de MediaUicchi. Sta uicchi tène sembre codece sperimendale, e pò essere scuasciate certe vote. Pe piacere tìne pascenze, le probbleme avènene sistemate veloce-veloce. Le probbleme serie ponne essere signalate sus 'apàgene de supporte.


Crystal 128 khelpcenter.png

Purcé ha ausà

Aqquà iacchie sulamende quacche punde chiave. 'Ndruche de cchiù sus a traduzione jndr'à documendazione; e purcé tu avissa traducere le pruggette nuèstre, jndr'à le pàggene lore.

  • The best translation tool available on the web. All localisation updates happen on an easy interface, and there are people around who can help translators. When making a translation, hints to understand its correct meaning and use are provided, as well as suggestions from translation memory/machine translation services.
  • Nisciune privilegge particolare serve, cengate vole pò condrebbuì. Ce pò condrebbuì jndr'à 'na lènghe ('ndruche sotte) tène 'u permesse de dà 'na màne pa localizzazzione de quedda lènghe.
  • Keeping track of changes is easy. Untranslated messages are not the only easily found: whenever the source text changes, the affected translations are tagged for easy identification. Translators do not have to spend time digging what needs doing.

Abbilite 'u proggette softuer tune sus a ce non ge stè angore.

Panorameche sus a le metode de

  • On translators translate the interface of software for products where the English text strings have been isolated from the code and have been organized into individual "messages".
  • Quanne 'nu proggette tràse, le messàgge sorgende in inglese avènene 'mbortate. Otre messàgge nuève in inglese avènene 'mbortate de vote in vote.
  • Le traduziune ponne essere fatte pe ogne messàgge jndr'à 'na sottopàgene separate da quedde origgenale inglese pe ogne lènghe, /roa-tara pu codece d'a lènghe roa-tara.
  • Sub-pages named /qqq are used for message documentation. The documentation is written manually and is usually of better quality where good communication exists with the original software developer team. If source code comments are part of a software project, these are also displayed in the translation interface.
  • Translators make suggestions to improve or correct an original English message, or adapt it to support localisation. If agreed, these are either implemented by members who are also developers on the relevant project, or reported to the project developers.
  • Completed translations for each language are "committed" to the projects by staff, as soon as the total number of translations for a project in that language has passed the threshold agreed for that project. For frequency of committing and thresholds see the project pages.
  • 'U rilasce d'u softuer de traduziune ca onne state committate a 'u proggette jè condrollate e eseguite da le amministrature d'u proggette e jè fore da le màne de
  • Translators working on MediaWiki also translate special page names, magic words and namespaces, using the page Extended MediaWiki translation.
  • When a new language is set up at, items localised at the start include the script and its direction and a fallback language; other localised items can include date/time format, number format, and PLURAL, GRAMMAR and GENDER functions. Convergence with CLDR localisation data is being considered. At present the only data taken directly from CLDR to, and on to MediaWiki, are localised language names.

Copyright e declinaziune

CC some rights reserved new.svg

Ause le traduziune jndr'à a rischie tune. Lore sò utile ma non ge pò garandìe sus 'a validità de le condenute acchiate aqquà. and its editors do not provide any warranty on the contents whatsoever, whether expressed, implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any warranty that the contents will be error-free.

Translations by translators are licensed CC BY 3.0, and derivative works may also be licensed under the licenses of the respective Free and Open Source projects the translations have been or will be added to. Content of user pages are considered to be "All rights reserved" by the author. All other content is licensed CC BY 3.0 unless a different license or copyright is stated explicitly.


Mediawiki-logo.png started during 2006 as a test wiki, developed by Nike, in collaboration with Gangleri, as an internationalisation tool for the localisation of the MediaWiki software. It started under the name Betawiki, which became at the beginning of 2009, following the site being moved to virtual server hosting under its own domain name, on 9th November 2007. By October 2007 was contributing to localisation in around 70 languages, which by June 2010 had grown to 329 languages. How the number of languages has grown is visible in the table of translation milestones passed for MediaWiki. By January 2010 an upgrade was needed to the server capacity, to cope with the increase in activity. Netcup has generously hosted since November 2007.

Other free and open source projects have gradually been added to, starting with FreeCol in August 2007. By June 2010 the number of projects supported has grown to 16.

Contributors to are all volunteers, except for one staff member who receives funding for part of his time (see funding below). Developers, administrators and translators were recruited initially from MediaWiki projects, especially Wikimedia. Most of our contributors still arrive here via MediaWiki, but with more projects arriving all the time, MediaWiki is no longer the only source of contributors. By June 2010, the number of registered translators is 1,860.

In collabborazione cu Stichting Open Progress e FUDforum, ave arrangate 'nu sacche de rally de traduziune cu premie pe le tradutture disponibbile, pe migliorà 'a localizzazzione de MediaUicchi e FUDforum.

The aims of are described on the Introduction. Technological aids to translators are described on the Technology page. These aids are continually being expanded and improved in order to make the translation work as efficient as possible. Current site needs and development are described on Issues and features.


P economy blue.png
  • jè ospitate gendilmende da Netcup – webspace and vServer, e le lore spese da Novemmre 2007, cu le aggiornamende jndr'à Febbrare 2008, Scennàre 2010, Ottommre 2013 e Luglie 2015.
  • Stichting Open Progress ave da tiembe organizzate raccolte funne pe le rally de traduziune pe migliorà 'a localizzazzione de MediaUicchi e otre, cumme spiegate sus.
  • Jndr'à l'ottommre d'u 2009 'a Wikimedia Foundation ave mise sotte condratte Siebrand pe fatià 'nu sciurne a sumàne sus a

Crestiane rrete a

Squadre prengepàle

Core team members are involved almost daily running They also have access to the servers and are responsible for making things run with as few problems as possible. For more information please consult their individual user pages.

Fondatore, fatìe cu cchiù sveluppe
Gestore d'a comunitate, coordinatore de proggette, sviluppatore
Screttore de traduzione pe MediaUicchi, sviluppatore
Logo sociology.svg

Nuje pure depennime da 'a fatìe fatte bbone da le otre membre d'a comunitate:

  • Gangleri – quase visionatie, nisciune attività
  • GerardM – Ambasciatore, pubbleche ausanne condatte dirette, blog, StatusNet, Tuitter
  • Tutte le condatte sus a pruggette individuale
  • Tutte le tradutture e le otre membre de stu proggette


All contributors are organized into various groups, each group having its own privileges. In common with other wikis, people who register on the wiki are called Users. Users are automatically confirmed 4 days after registering, allowing them to send e-mails to other users. Administrators have more privileges, mainly concerned with protecting the site from vandalism. Bureaucrats have some more privileges, including granting and removing normal user rights, but are granted bureaucrat status by members of the Staff group. Bots are user accounts which can perform tasks automatically. The Import right, allowing a user to import pages from other wikis, is rarely used here.

In addition to these usual groups, also has user groups special to its purpose. The Translators can edit in protected namespaces, using the translate interface. Some translators can work offline on their translations. The Staff group are the overall managers of this site. They import the messages to be translated and commit completed translations to the projects which use They can amend the English source messages directly on some projects, including MediaWiki. They manage all aspects of the software used here.

The rights attached to each user group are listed on the page User Group Rights. Lists of the members of each group can be viewed on the page User list.


Torchlight info.png
You can leave a message on our main discussion page at Support. If you prefer live discussion then try out our IRC channel #mediawiki-i18n at freenode. Not preferred, but if needed for security or privacy reasons, you can use e-mail as a method of contact at "translatewiki AT translatewiki DOT net" - replace "AT" with "@" and "DOT" with ".", and remove spaces as well from the e-mail address.
  • Tu puè discutere de le probbleme ca reguardene 'nua lènghe particolare cu le tradutture sue sus a 'a pàgene de le 'ngazzaminde d'u portale d'a lènghe.
  • Tu puè discutere argomende sus a 'nu particolare proggette cu le sosteniture sue e le sviluppature sus 'a pàgene de le 'ngazzaminde d'a pàgene d'u proggette.
  • Tu puè discutere de le argomende sus a le utinde individuale sus a le lore pàggene de le 'ngazzaminde, o pe e-mail (cazze sus a 'u collegamende e-mail jndr'à barre laterale sus a pàgene utende), ce lore onne scacchiate de mettere l'e-mail.