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This page is a translated version of the page Technology and the translation is 100% complete.

Translatewiki.net uzas multopla teknologii qui helpas tradukar plu rapide kun bona rezulti; videz la helpo pri tradukuro e l'ordinara dokumentado por plusa informi pri la 'tradukilo' ne specifika por ca wiki.

Helpi pri tradukuro

Mem la maxim simpla helpi pri tradukuro esas kolekturo pri potenciale utila informi.

Tradukuri ad altra lingui
Vu povas selektar irga linguo quon vu deziros dum la tradukado. Tradukuri a la selektita lingui montresas, se li ja existas. Tradukuri ad ula selektita linguo donos a vu idei pri la vorti e strukturi de la gramatiko. O vu simple povos lernar pri altra linguo!
Dokumentigo di mesaji
Tota softwaro* kontenas necerta mesaji qui esas desfacila por komprenar, mem en ula kuntexto. Chances are that those messages already have helpful documentation in translatewiki.net. Even if there is not, we will help you to get it. Just place your request on our support page. Documentation tells you about the context (button, title), contents of the variables and anything else you need to be aware of when translating.
Syntactic checks
We have implemented simple checks that alert you to simple mistakes like unused and unknown variables, bad HTML mark-up and unbalanced braces. These simple mistakes can often result in corrupt or broken display, so it is important to find them early.

Teknologii por tradukuro

Ca esas teknologii plu moderna, qui profitas di prodaji en komputerala cienco e linguala teknologio.

Translation memory
We are using translation memory software from the translate toolkit. Translation memory helps you to make more consistent translations, and speeds up the translation of similar and repetitive messages.
Yandex and Microsoft translation
You can also take advantage of suggestions made by Yandex Translate or Microsoft Translator if your language is supported. No more manual copy-pasting, the suggestion is there already when you start translating!