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Outdated translations are marked like this. is uisin monie asseesteeve technologies tae speed up owersetin wairk while getin better ootcomes; see the owersetin tutorial n documentation in general fer mair information oan the owersetin engine na speceefic til this wiki.

Translation aids

The simplest owersetin aids ar just ae collection o potentiallie uisefu information.

; Owersets intil ither leids
Ye can chuise onie leids ye wish tae see whan owersetin. Owersets nitil chosen leids ar displeyed gif thay awreadie exeest. Owersets intil ae relatit leid gie ye ideas aneat wairds n graimmer structures. Or ye can just uise it tae learn aneat anither leid!
You can choose any languages you wish to see when translating. Translations to chosen languages are displayed if they already exist. Translations into a related language give you ideas about words and grammar structures. Or you can just use it to learn about another language!
; Message documentation
Aw saffware contains thae trickie messages that ar haurd tae unnerstann, even wi contex. Chances ar that thae messages awreadie hae heelpfu documentation in Even gif thaur's naw, we'll heelp ye tae get it. Jyst place yer request oan oor support page. Documentation tells ye aneat the contex (button, title), contents o the variables n onie ither thing ye need tae be aware o whan owersetin.
All software contains those tricky messages that are hard to understand, even with context. Chances are that those messages already have helpful documentation in Even if there is not, we will help you to get it. Just place your request on our Support page. Documentation tells you about the context (button, title), contents of the variables and anything else you need to be aware of when translating.
; Syntactic checks
We'v implemented simple checks that alert ye til simple mistaks like onuised n onkent variables, bad HTML maurk-up n onbalanced brackets. Thir simple mistaks can aften ootcome in ae rotten or broken displey, sae it's important tae fynd thaim earlie.
We have implemented simple checks that alert you to simple mistakes like unused and unknown variables, bad HTML mark-up and unbalanced braces. These simple mistakes can often result in corrupt or broken display, so it is important to find them early.
Translators have easy access to agreed upon translations when translating. We provide tools to manage a glossary in each language. Discussions can be opened for terms without a clear translation.

Translation technologies

Thir ar mair advanced technologies that mak uise o achievements in areas o computer science n lei technologie.

; Owersetin memerie
We'r uisin owersetin memerie saffware fae the owerset tuilkist. Owersetin memerie heelps ye tae mak mair consiistent owersets, n speeds up the owersetin o siclike n repetiteeve messages.
Translation memory helps you to make more consistent translations, and speeds up the translation of similar and repetitive messages. Our translation memory is shared across all supported projects.
Machine translation
We integrate machine translation services to speed up translating. The list of supported providers and supported languages can vary over time.