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Deskripto di grupi

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Grupo di tradukeri por projeti nun suportata

  • Nula deskripto esas disponebla por ca mesajo-grupo.


  • An aggregate message group containing everything related to MediaWiki: core platform, Installer, API help, all the extensions, and other related components.
    • Ca mesajo-grupo kontenas la cirkume 500 ek la maxim uzata mesaji di MediaWiki
    • La nukleo di MediaWiki, la kunlaboriva redakto-platformo uzita en translatewiki, ed anke en Wikipedio e mili di altra situi Wiki. Yen mesaji segun montresas en la maxim recenta versiono.
    • Meta message group containing all messages for the MediaWiki extension VisualEditor and related software packages.
    • Meta message group containing all messages for the MediaWiki extension UniversalLanguageSelector (ULS); the jquery.uls library must be translated separately.
      • jquery.uls is a JavaScript library that allows easy selection of a language out of a long list.
    • Meta message group containing messages for all supported skins for MediaWiki.
      • Citizen Skin is a responsive skin for MediaWiki built by the Star Citizen Wiki team.
    • Meta message group containing the messages for all supported extensions for MediaWiki.
    • Message group containing the messages used in the Exif tags that appear on image file description pages in MediaWiki.
    • Message group containing the messages used in the Action API for the current alpha version of MediaWiki (1.43.0-alpha).
    • Message group containing the messages used in the Rest API for the current alpha version of MediaWiki (1.43.0-alpha).
    • A library that is used in MediaWiki for processing and validating parameters to an API from data like that in PHP's $_GET, $_POST, and $_FILES arrays.

Extensi de MediaWiki uzata en Wikimedia-situi

  • Meta message group containing all the messages for MediaWiki extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation wikis.
    • Meta message group containing all the messages for MediaWiki extensions that are used on most Wikimedia Foundation wikis and seen by most readers and editors.
    • Meta message group containing all the messages for MediaWiki extensions that are used on some Wikimedia Foundation wikis and provide advanced editing and administration functionality.
    • Meta message group containing all the messages for MediaWiki extensions that are used on Wikimedia Foundation wikis for advanced media handling.
    • Meta message group containing all the messages for MediaWiki extensions that are installed on Wikivoyage sites.
    • Meta message group containing all the messages for MediaWiki extensions that are used on Wikimedia Foundation for fundraising.
    • Meta message group containing all the messages for MediaWiki extensions that are used on Wikimedia Foundation wikis, but which are not likely to be updated significantly or to be deployed to new sites.
    • Meta message group containing all the messages for MediaWiki extensions that are used on Wikimedia Foundation wikis and provide advanced functionality for software developers and server operations engineers.
    • Meta message group containing all the messages for MediaWiki extensions that are installed on some Wikimedia Foundation wikis for early testing, and which may be installed on more wikis in the future.

Translation extensions and content editing tools

Wikimedia wikis integration and portals

  • Lokizo di pagini de Wikimedia-portalo (https://www.wikipedia.org/, https://www.wiktionary.org/, etc.).
  • Wikimedia Developer Portal is single entry point to find Wikimedia technical documentation, and connect with the developer community behind Wikimedia projects.
  • Aggregate message group containing mobile applications for Wikimedia projects.
    • Page Content Service esas utensilo API por kontenajo di pagini de Wikipedio. Lua mesaji montresas che app-i de Wikipedia por portebla utensili.
    • Wikimedia Mobile is a cross-platform mobile and tablet application for reading and contributing to Wikipedia.
    • Wikipedia iOS is the iOS-specific version of the Wikipedia mobile app.
    • Wikipedia Android esas la specifika versiono dil programo (app) por smartfoni* qui uzas Android.
    • Commons Mobile is an app for Android for browsing and uploading to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Wikipedia Preview is a JavaScript component that allows you to provide context from Wikipedia about words or phrases on any website. It lets you show a popup card with a short summary from Wikipedia when a reader hovers over a link.
  • Global Search is a tool to do keyword and source regex searches across all WMF wikis.
  • Wikimedia Incubator is a multilingual wiki where potential Wikimedia project wikis in new-language versions can be tested and proven worthy of being hosted in their own wiki.

Extensi MediaWiki uzata exter Wikimedia

Utensili por serchar e rekuperar kontenaji de Wikimedia

  • L'utensilo nomiziata Angle Map of Monuments permisas vu vidar monumenti sen artikli pri li che Wikipedio.
  • ISA helpas deskriptar imaji sendita a la konkursi "Wiki Loves...".
  • L'utensilo surnomizita Commons Mass Description posibligas ke vu adjuntez deskripti a granda quanto di imaji de Commons.
  • Wikinity esas utensilo por serchar enti en Wikidata qui ligesas a kontenaji en diversa projeti, segun geografiala koordinati.

Utensili por konvertar multimedia che Wikimedia

  • Ajapaik esas utensilo (app) por krear nova fotografuri de historiala imaji.
  • VicuñaUploader esas utensilo por sendar imaji a Wikimedia Commons ed ad altra projeti che Wikimedia.
  • video2commons esas utensilo por transferar video-* ed audio*-enrejistruri de extera retsitui ad Wikimedia Commons.
  • VideoCutTool provides various different types of editing processes on videos that are currently in Wikimedia Commons. Cropping, Trimming, Audio Disabling, and Rotating videos are the features of the tool.
  • SVG Translate esas utensilo por tradukar mesaji en arkivi SVG che Wikimedia Commons.

relata utensili de Wikidata

  • Wikidata Query Service esas l'oficala inquesto-utensilo di Wikidata.
    • L'utensilo surnomizita "Armo por Granda Deskriptado" (Weapon of Mass Description) posibligas ke vu adjuntez etiketi e deskripti en granda quanto che Wikidata.
    • Wikidata Image Positions is a tool that shows relative position within image qualifiers on depicts or named place on map statements as areas on the relevant image, and also allows users to add new such qualifiers and statements.
    • Wikidata Lexeme Forms is a tool to create and edit the Forms of Wikidata Lexemes, based on templates that define what different kind of Lexemes look like – for instance, there are forms for English nouns, German verbs, Bengali nouns (animate), etc.
    • The Wikidata Query Builder provides a visual interface for building a simple Wikidata query. It is ideal for users with little or no experience in SPARQL, the powerful query language.
  • Anvesha lets the user drill down through the data of any Wikibase installation, including Wikidata.
  • QRmedia is a QR code generator to Wikidata items, that redirects to a portal in the visitor's language. The portal displays content from all the relevant Wikimedia projects on the topic, with a visual style similar to the Wikipedia mobile app.
  • Wikidata Mismatch Finder is a tool to review mismatches between Wikidata and External Databases.
  • Luthor helps you add example sentences to Wikidata Lexeme. It is hosted on Toolforge.
  • Wikidata Locator tool displays a map of OpenStreetMap features that are linked to Wikidata, with a sidebar that shows details of any selected feature.

relata utensili de Wikifonti (Wikisource)

  • Wikimedia OCR is a Wikimedia tool providing an API wrapper for Tesseract and Google OCR, enabling Wikisources to submit images for optical character recognition.
  • Wikisource Contest Tool esas utensilo qua posibligas kalkular nombro di punti en konkursi pri revizo di texti che Wikifonti (Wikisources)
  • Wikisource Export is a tool for exporting Wikisource books in EPUB, PDF, and other file formats.
  • Meta message group containing all messages for the Collection extension to MediaWiki, which allows to organize personal selections of pages in a collection that can be edited, persisted and optionally retrieved as PDF, ODF or DocBook.

Quality assessment and referencing tools

  • Cita is a Wikidata addon for Zotero that adds citations metadata (i.e., what other items an item cites) support to this open source reference management software.
  • CitationHunt esas Interretala utensilo por trovar citaji sen fonto en diferanta idiomi che Wikipedio
  • ProveIt esas jeranto di referi por Wikipedio.
  • GapFinder esas utensilo qua konsilas la kreo di artikli che Wikipedio
  • ReaderFeedback is a meta message group containing all messages for the extension of MediaWiki.
  • Revision scoring esas kolekturo di utensili por uzar Artificala Inteligenteso che Wikipedio
  • WPCleaner is a tool designed to help with various maintenance tasks on MediaWiki wikis, especially repairing links to disambiguation pages, checking Wikipedia, fixing spelling and typography, and helping with translation of articles coming from other wikis.

Anti-abuse tools

  • FlaggedRevs is a meta message group containing all messages for the FlaggedRevs extension of MediaWiki.
  • XTools is a suite of tools to analyze pages, users and projects of a single MediaWiki installation or wiki farm.
  • Twinkle esas populara utensilo JavaScript por Wikipedio qua faciligas uzeri facar ordinara manteni che artikli.
  • CopyPatrol is a Wikimedia tool that allows you to see recent Wikipedia edits that are flagged as possible copyright violations.
  • Huggle is a fast diff browser application for dealing with vandalism on Wikimedia projects.
  • Interaction Timeline is a tool that displays a chronologic history for two wiki users on pages where they have both made edits.
  • SWViewer is a user-friendly webapp that is used to detect and revert vandalism, spam, and other types of unconstructive edits made at various Wikimedia projects.
  • Qua skribis to? (WhoWroteThat) esas utensilo de Wikipedio ank atachebla a vua ret-navigilo por montrar informi pri kontributado al artiklo. Kreita da WikiWho.
  • WikiBlame is able to quickly find the authors of a part of a page in a Wikimedia wiki.
  • Adiutor is a gadget that provides users with a variety of editing tools to assist with maintenance tasks on Wikipedia.

Analizo-utensili por Wikimedia

  • Wikistats 2 esas statistiko-portalo por omna projeti Wikimedia.
  • Pageviews Analysis posibligas vizualizar statistiki pri vidado di pagini por projeti che Wikimedia.

Utensili de Wikimedia-movado por kunlaborado.

  • Grant Metrics is a simple, easy to use interface for reporting shared metrics on WMF wikis.
  • Tracker esas programo (app) uzata en Chekia por kontrolar spensi.
  • WMCZ Web is Wikimedia Czech Republic's website (as of November 2020, preview is available at https://test.wikimedia.cz).

Utensili por e-postajo

  • MassMailer is a tool which allows you to do Special:EmailUser en masse.
  • Wikimedia Mailman Templates provide customized email templates for Mailman 3. These templates improve upon the upstream ones by providing links to the web interface where appropriate.
  • NOCC esas kliento por e-posto.

Social utensili

  • Meta message group containing the messages for all social tools MediaWiki extensions.
  • WikiAuthBot is a Discord bot that OAuth authenticates Discord users to their Wikimedia or Miraheze accounts.
  • Discord bot por projeti Wikimedia e ret-situi wiki.
  • Convenient Discussions is a JavaScript tool providing a shell over the existing MediaWiki discussion system that allows the user to post and edit comments without switching to a separate page.
  • Gravatar is an extension for MediaWiki used to display avatars (i.e. square images representing individual users, teams, organizations or their projects) on social medias, according to their preferences.
  • FUDforum esas forumo por diskutar che Interreto
  • WikiScore is a tool used to manage contests created and managed by Wiki Movimento Brasil. It allows evaluators to validate edits made to articles participating in said contests and adds up the points earned by participants.

Geografiala datumi e mapi libera de autoroyuro

Edukala projeti

  • Mesajo-grupo por Encyclopedia of Life
  • Oppia esas utensilo kreita por konstruktar kunlaborativa lecioni.
  • Wikicurricula is a curricula digitisation project aiming to align Wikimedia projects with school curricula with the help of Wikidata. It is an interactive and engaging way to visualize curriculum-structured data on Wikidata.
  • The Education Program Dashboard is a web application for Wikipedia classroom assignments and other group editing projects on Wikipedia.
  • WikiLearn is an online learning pilot by the Community Development team to support volunteers with programming year round.

Conservation and archiving tools

  • The Wikipedia Library Card platform (website) is a tool for signing up to paywalled resources for free using your Wikipedia login. The Wikipedia Library provides free access to research materials to improve Wikimedians' ability to contribute content to Wikimedia projects.
  • Dissemin is a website to help researchers detect paywalled papers and make them available in an open archive.
  • IA Upload is a tool that uploads DjVu files from the Internet Archive to Commons.
  • Internet Archive bot esas utensilo por aktualigar nefuncionanta ligili.
  • Wikidocumentaries microhistory wiki lets you research, remix and enrich historical records.
  • Mesajo-grupo por Kiwix
  • MWoffliner MediaWiki scraper is a tool for making a local offline HTML snapshot of any online MediaWiki instance.
  • Kiwix Apple is Kiwix apps for Apple iOS and macOS.

Kunlaboriva projeti

  • lib.reviews esas platformo libera de autoroyuro (open source) e senprofita intenco, por revizar preske omno.
  • Mifos esas informo-sistemo por jerar mikra financi.

General software development frameworks

  • Phabricator is a complete set of tools for developing software.
  • MantisBT esas interreto-sistemo kun skopo verifikar erori online
    • Importanta plugin uzebla che MantisBT
    • CodevTT provides timetracking and project management on MantisBT.

Technical and developer tools for Wikimedia projects

  • Pywikibot is a collection of command line tools to edit Wikipedia via its API.
  • Toolhub is an authoritative and well promoted catalog of Wikimedia tools. This web-based application is developed as a free and open source project under the umbrella of the Wikimedia Foundation for the benefit of the Wikimedia movement. The software project consists of a Django backend application, a Vue.js frontend application, and a web API to allow creation of additional tools to assist in registering tools with the catalog as well as displaying information from the catalog.

Kompozuri ed utensili por nedependanta developo

  • MathJax esas biblioteko JavaScript uzebla en omna Wiki, qui montras matematikala simboli che reto-navigili.
  • The Colorless echo JavaScript kit aims to develop a JavaScript module framework that is simple to use with some interesting features.
  • Etherpad lite is a really-real time collaborative editor.
  • Blockly esas projeto libera de autoro-yuro kun skopo helpar individui, nome pueri, lernar quale programar komputeri.

Altra teknikala projeti

  • LibreMesh is an international community developing tools for wireless community networks.
  • NFC Ring Control is a mobile app to interact with NFC devices.


  • FreeCol esas strategio-ludo, stilo "turn-base".