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Translating:Яңы проект

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Translatewiki.net is an online translation platform and a community of translators.

We offer fully managed localization services to free and open-source projects at no cost. To utilize our services, please submit a new project request form. We will review your request promptly and notify you if any modifications are necessary. Once approved, we will set up the translation integration for you.

What you get

🌍 Established community of translators: Our platform boasts thousands of translators across hundreds of languages, collaboratively working on many free and open-source projects. If you already have translators, we welcome them to join our community.

💻 Web-based translation tool full of features: Our translation interface is user-friendly yet powerful, equipped with features such as translation memory, machine translation, collaborative message documentation, validation checks, glossaries, and translation review tools, enabling our translators to work efficiently.

🔄 Automated synchronization with your version control system: We regularly import and export translations to and from your preferred version control system, including git, GitLab, GitHub, and Gerrit. Your involvement is minimal, unless you opt into pull or merge request delivery, in which case you will need to merge these requests.

🌐 Expertise in i18n and l10n: Our developers and translators possess extensive expertise in internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n), helping you enhance your software's functionality across various languages.

What we expect

🔓 Free and open-source license: We support projects under approved OSI licenses exclusively. Our translations are licensed under CC BY which allows them to be integrated into your project under your project's license.

🛠 Active maintenance: To maximize the impact of our translators' efforts, we require regular availability of translations to users (at least annually, but more frequently is preferred) and integration into your version control system at least once a quarter.

📞 Communication: Your project should designate a contact person or a preferred contact method for us to reach out to, especially in cases of translation synchronization issues. We expect you to keep us informed about any significant changes, such as moving to another code forge or project shutdown.

🌎 Comprehensive language support: Your project should be capable of supporting all languages available on translatewiki.net, including right-to-left languages and those with complex scripts. Exceptions can be made with valid justification. All but the simplest projects are also expected to support language-specific plural forms.

📝 Message documentation: Providing context for translatable strings is crucial. We expect you to contribute documentation for your project's translatable strings.

Collaboration: We expect that issues reported or patches contributed by our maintainers and translators will be reviewed in a timely manner. Fixing a typo should be quick, but it is understandable that addressing a complex issue might not always be feasible.

Projects that fail to meet the requirements may be removed from translatewiki.net.


You can submit a request by registering for the Wikimedia Phabricator and filling out the new project template.

Беҙҙең ярҙам бите. Был вики-биттә мәғлүмәт урынлаштырыу өсөн тәүҙә иҫәп яҙмаһын булдырығыҙ һәм уны раҫлауҙарын көтөгөҙ. Can't submit some translations right now? You can still join. мөмкинлеген файҙаланғанда, һеҙҙе спам-аккаунт тип ҡабул итмәһендәр өсөн, ниндәй проекттан булыуығыҙҙы күрһәтегеҙ.

Our support page also has a link to our IRC and Telegram channels for live chat and support.