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We are looking for more projects! Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss how your project can be added to We value the work of our volunteer translators, which means we are looking for healthy projects which are actively developed for the foreseeable future. We also emphasize the communication between the translators and developers. Below is a short list highlighting what we are hoping to see in a new project, and which processes need to be managed once accepted.

Ние изискваме...

Откритост Ние приемаме само проекти със свободни лицензи и софтуер с отворен код. Ние трябва да подходим избирателно по отношение на това, което ще подкрепяме пряко. Тъй като нашата основа е Медияуики и Уикимедия, това остава важно за нас. Ако вашето приложение не е със свободен код, но все още искате да използвате този софтуер, обърнете се към документацията.
Развитие Новият проект трябва да бъде активно развиван и да ползва система за контрол на версиите. Ние сме добре запознати със системите CVS, Subversion и Git. Вашият проект трябва да бъде обновяван периодично или да има друг начин за актуализация на преводите. Интервалът от време от изпращането на превода до момента на използването му (TIU) трябва да бъде сведен до минимум. Има различни начини за ускоряване на този процес, които можем да обсъдим.
Интеграция Once content for your project has been translated, a staff member will integrate translation updates into your project. This requires a language addition procedure. needs access to push changes into your project (e.g. commit access with direct push or pull requests), or have access to a branch that will be noticed and merged. This ensures that the work of translators are regularly integrated.

Ние харесваме...

поддръжка на i18n
поддръжка на i18n We only support the UTF-8 character encoding. Support in the i18n framework for applications for variables, multiple different plurals, and right-to-left languages is preferred. Having support for grammatical forms is something we think should always be considered, and also support for gender of the user where the user is spoken to directly or other users are mentioned in interface texts. This area is often where most problems and delays come from; try and check our Localisation for developers tips to avoid them.
Комуникация A developer from the project should be active in to answer questions, notify about coming releases, coordinate with the project's developer group, etc. Our approach to localisation works best when knowledge flows as freely as possible between developer communities and translator communities. The project liaison plays a very important role in that.
Файлови формати
Файлови формати The system is based on translation files. Use of key-based file formats is preferred, like JSON, Java properties, or Ruby-style YAML. Other supported file formats include Gettext, Android and iOS. Let us know if you have a different format in mind; in our experience, support for a file format is relatively easy to add, if you're proficient in PHP.

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If you want to explore some more first, try the localisation for developers page.