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Owersetin n localization is important in general, cause it permits fawk that dinna hae knowledge o Ingils tae uise computer saffware. MediaWiki is uised, fer example, tae rin Wikipedia in monie leids, n therefore owersetin MediaWiki directlie heelps fawk tae access free knowledge in thair ain leid. (Mair aneat the tairms at Gettext documentation n Wikipaedia.)

Here at we big n conteenuooslie impruiv infrastructure fer easie localization o apen soorce waurks n free written documents. We strive tae achieve oor twa ettles.

Oor foremaist aim is effeeciencie. Tae increase the effeeciencie o the process, we integrate tichtlie intil the deveeloopment process o the saffware tae hae short turn-aroond times. Forby, we deveeloop tuils tae autæmate the integration o owersets. This relieves the indiveedual owerseters tae yinlie concentrate oan producin the best owersets possible.

Oor seicont aim is collaberation. The hale system is biggit upo ae wiki. MediaWiki is ae popular wiki engine that provides the framewark fer biggin collaberateeve communities. We encoorage owerseters tae heelp yin anither across waurk n leid boondaries in monie was, n act aes ae bond atween deveeloopers n owerseters.

Ye dinna need tae ken hou tae program. Gif ye'r familiar wi wiki saffware, yell quicklíe learn hou tae uise The yinlie needs ar ae guid commaunn o leids, ae wab brouser n aen apen mynd.

The flagship waurk o – MediaWiki – is nou uised in mair than 300 leids. receives updates aneat mair than 100 leids ilka month.