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This page is a translated version of the page Translating:How to start and the translation is 36% complete.
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Hogy kezdj neki?

To get started, the first thing you need is a user account. Creating an account is done in less than a minute and is used to keep track of what you have worked on.

When creating an account, you go through some test translations to make sure that you have a basic understanding of the languages. These translations are not actually published, but are instead compared to older translations by trusted users before giving you the rights to start translating live messages. That means that the messages you translate will be used in the next update of the program/website!

Keep in touch

Support is where you can ask or propose anything.

A felhasználói felületed nyelvének portálja (pl. Portal:hu magyarul) az a központi hely, ahol a nyelvi közösségről néhány információt és tevékenységstatisztikát láthatsz. Egyben ez az a hely is, ahol kommunikálni tudnak ugyanazon nyelv más fordítóival, beszélni a terminológiáról, és így tovább.

Special:WebChat allows you to connect to our IRC channel using your web-browser. More help about IRC at m:IRC. In short, you can discuss in real time with the developers and staff of, assuming we are active there at that time.

Fordítás elkezdése

After you have been given permission to translate, your entry point is most likely going to be the translation tool. It lists all the available groups of messages that we have. Most of the translations happen using this tool, see the tutorial.

Do also check the project page for the software you are translating, as there might be important instructions and tips there. The project pages are linked in the short summary shown on top of the translation interface.